there are 8 subdivision stages

Rick Keel

Various Projects | CEO Keelcorp - Property Developers |

I first used the services of SCM Projects several years ago on a 5 block subdivision. Using them to project manage the job saved me approximately  around $250,000 in costs and a year in time.

I have been using them to project manage ever since including another current 2 block subdivision, a 2 block subdivision that we have just completed as well as a couple of major certification projects in residential and commercial properties I have.

Jacon Parry of SCM Projects has been instrumental in the success of my projects and would highly recommend him and the team to get your job done. Over the many projects we have come across some large obstacles but each time the guys work their way through to a solution and onwards we go. I am currently looking for more projects as I know I have the team behind me to see anything I put in front of them through.

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