Dell and Philip Anthon

We were introduced to the team at SCM through our surveyor when we were finding it challenging to get clear advice and simple solutions from the various professionals we were consulting.
With a block of land in Clayfield we were seeking to subdivide, and nearly completed plans for 2 houses, we wanted to be fully informed of any obstacles, pitfalls and costs before starting our project.
Jacon and his team reviewed the project, made some minor but necessary changes and gave us a clear picture of the step by step process and answers to our numerous questions.
It was a massive undertaking with quite a bit of development work needed for our block before our houses could commence, but the team took it in their stride and were always available at the drop of a hat with answers and solutions. Jacon and the team were also able to obtain further building quotes for us (which saved us additional costs) and were great in allowing us the flexibility to be a little more involved in the day to day decisions.
The first half of our project is now complete and the second well underway”.