SCM Projects – Standard Scope Of Works:

Note: This document should be read in conjunction with our Fee Proposal Quote

Project Stages:

Most projects go through several stages which we outline on the following pages. That doesn’t mean that your project will have all these stages however we outline them here for your better information and understanding. We present them here generally in the order that they are likely to occur, though sometimes it may be prudent to change that order and other times there may be opportunities to run several stages together to save time and /or avoid inefficiencies which could lead to savings.

  1. Analysis and forward planning – Project Review & Strategic Advice. [very important & frequently overlooked if we are not consulted at the outset]
  2. Permissions – Development Application to relevant authorities.
  3. Civil & Operational Works – initial part – Design, Tender and Quote.
  4. Demolition of existing improvements if required.
  5. Civil & Operational Works – Management, Co-ordination & Compliance of construction.
  6. Building your proposed new project – initial part – Design, Tender and Quote
  7. Building your proposed new project – Management, Co-ordination & Compliance of the construction.
  8. Plan Sealing – Ensuring compliance with all DA conditions & preparation of the appropriate report to submit to Council. You won’t get separate titles without this.
  9. Submission of the sealed plan into the titles office to issue the new titles.

 Note: When reading this document please be aware that some sections of the document or terms used are of a general nature and may not be specific to or relate to your project.  In arriving at our fees quote we have reviewed your specific job to the best of our ability based on the information and documentation made available to us, therefore just because an item that is not relevant to your project is included in the description of any stage, it does not follow that our fees include a component for that item.

Please also understand that unless specifically stated otherwise, when we state that a certain thing is ‘included’ in our scope of works we mean that the organisation, co-ordination and supervision of that item is included – not the actual physical undertaking for which an appropriately skilled contractor or professional will be sought by us as Project Manager.

Finally, in our Fees Proposal, as a convenience to you, we have broken our fees down into smaller components to assist with your general cash flow and budgeting. Please note that some stages of your project may be able to be conducted concurrently either if required or if there is an opportunity to expedite or conduct your job more efficiently hence, and in which case, we may issue invoices for some stages prior to completion of earlier stages. Should you have any concerns about this please raise them with us – we’ll be only too happy to clarify any issues with you.

Scope of Work

  1. Project review and strategic advice:

We often provide a little free advice in initial discussions with clients however it’s usually not until we have fully consulted with our client and have more detailed ‘site specific’ information that we can fully analyse the project and consider the potential opportunities and threats that may be present utilising our knowledge, experience and skills garnered over many years managing a wide range of property development projects. It is this expertise that will differentiate our services from most other consultants in that it emanates not only from the many hundreds of projects that we have successfully completed for others, but also the many projects we have completed on our own behalf.

In other words, unlike most specialist consultants, each of whom may only have a brief involvement with your project and whose remuneration is not dependent on its success, we understand property development from the owner’s perspective because we have been there. Add to that the fact that we are involved for the whole project – we’re still there at the end- we are vitally interested in the project’s success and smooth completion. As it’s difficult to place a value on this we have only allowed a low arbitrary estimate. Whilst a large part of the value of this item will be realised by you early in the project, knowing that developers almost always seek to delay expenses until later we have amortised this over the whole project as you will see.

SCM projects will generally:

  • Consult with you to fully understand your needs, ideas and requirements
  • Investigate your development site and then, having reviewed the site’s attributes, marry these with the site’s optimum capabilities considering zoning, topography, aspect, location of services and potential costings to arrives at the most feasible solution for your needs and preferences
  • Review and pre-existing decision notices and conditions if applicable
  1. Development Application Coordination

SCM projects will generally: (if included in our fee proposal)

  • Closely liaise with, instruct and coordinate all relevant professional consultants required to conceive a design and prepare plans that fulfil the desired outcome for your project.
  • Supervise the lodgement process of those plans with all relevant statutory authorities. Attend pre-lodgement meetings with those authorities when and where required/considered beneficial.
  • Respond to information requests by such authorities from time to time to facilitate the approval process. (Please note that this is an area that we have no control over hence in some circumstances we may need to reassess our fees)
  • On receipt of the various approved designs, promptly review and assess the works required, check for potential disadvantageous issues and provide you with a report and, if necessary, a revised scope of works that reflects the works required.


  1. Design, Tender and Quote Stage– Civil & Operational Works

SCM projects will generally: (if included in our fee proposal)

  • Consult, instruct and coordinate all professional service consultants to design and engineer a site specific efficient set of infrastructure provision technical drawings.
  • Submit engineering designs to council for the issue of Operational Works Approval that reflects the scope of works and satisfies the conditions outlined in the DA Decision Notice.
  • Following the receipt of Approved Drawings and Operational Works Permit, we will obtain quotes from suitably qualified trade contractors to carry out the necessary works. Every contractor will be met on site and fully briefed on the requirements.
  • We will then review the quotes received and prepare a quotation summary including a tentative start date for your consideration and approval.
  • We will organise and attend the ‘Pre-Start” meetings when necessary with council and consultants.
  1. Demolition/Relocation Coordination & Project management

SCM projects will generally (if included in our fee proposal):

  • Organise required Building Approval through private certifier for demolition or relocation of the existing structures as agreed
  • Obtain multiple quotes from demolition contractors to undertake works.
  • Project Manage required demolition works including site visitation/supervision.
  1. Project Management – Construction of Civil & Operational Works

SCM projects will generally: (if included in our fee proposal)

  • Manage the scheduling of required works to comply with approval conditions.
  • Conduct regular site visits to ensure works are completed in accordance with industry, council and regulatory standards.
  • Liaise with local infrastructure provision authority to undertake “Live Works” and inspections.
  • Liaise with surveyors and engineers for inspections and As Constructed plans development.
  • Organise and attend “On Maintenance” meetings when necessary with council and consultants.
  1. Design, Tender and Quote Stage – construction

SCM projects will generally: (if included in our fee proposal)

  • Assist client with appointing a building designer or architect and work with them to develop a set of Building Approval Drawings which will includes input from a variety of professional consultants such as but not limited to structural, hydraulic and fire service engineers required for your development.
  • Upon finalisation and your endorsement of the Building Approval Drawings, the plans will be lodged with private certifier for approval.
  • We have a comprehensive tendering process tendering process for the construction of the dwelling(s) which addresses every aspect of the construction and therefore minimises the risk of variations which often result in cost increases and time delays.
  • The outcome of this stage will be a fixed-price builders contract based on your acceptance of the quote.
  1. Project Management – Construction

SCM projects will generally: (if included in our fee proposal)

  • Work closely with nominated builder to ensure all design issues are resolved immediately.
  • Ensure project is advancing to the construction schedule and work has been satisfactorily completed prior to progress claims being issued.
  • Conduct regular site visits to ensure building work meets industry standards and comply with the Queensland Development Code.
  • Coordinate and schedule all certifier and council inspections and certificates required.
  • Provide regular project updates to the client and ensure you are fully briefed on any changes to the materials used, design outcomes or construction schedule.
  1. Plan Sealing

SCM projects will generally: (if included in our fee proposal)

  • Coordinate the creation of the Final Survey Plan or Building Format Plan (as required) and ‘as constructed’ with registered surveyors and relevant engineers.
  • Collect, review and collate all required certificates, inspection notices and as constructed plans specific to your project and attendance at ‘On Maintenance’ meetings.
  • Prepare and submit a Compliance Report to Council that addresses all of the conditions of the Development Application approval.
  • Monitor the plan sealing application and following council departments to ensure the expeditiously process your plan sealing application and seek to resolve all and any issues that may arise
  • Deliver your sealed plan to you to enable registration of new Titles if you are not appointing us to lodge the new Titles on your behalf.
  1. Title Registration

SCM projects will generally: (if included in our fee proposal)

  • Prepare and submit required documentation and sealed Final Survey Plan to Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) for the Title Registration of your project.


Conditions and Exceptions

Third Party Payments

For your convenience, we will offer you to manage all payments required for contractors. SCM will forward you the relevant invoices for payment into our account and we will pay the contractors on your behalf. This means that SCM Projects will keep track of outstanding invoices and allows you to have to make payments to one account only. On occasion, we may have to ask you for a bank cheque as per requirement from Council or government departments or for you to pay certain invoices directly with the invoice issuer. Should you wish to manage the individual payments to the various contractors yourself, please advise us.


Council Information Requests

Occasionally Council will issue information requests during the DA process. These sometimes require additional works by us. Whilst we are prepared to attend to these if asked our fees for doing so are not covered in our initial fees proposal. Our fees charged will vary, depending on complexity, but start at $330 (incl. GST) per information request.


Changes to Documentation and/or Designs

Our fee proposal includes our services in relation to preparation of documentation to enable a fixed price contract to be achieved as far as is practically possible. To keep our fees competitive we have only allowed going through this process once. Should you wish to change documentation, designs or specifications after this process has been finalised there will be an additional charge starting at $1,100 [incl.GST] over and above that contained in our fee proposal.


Hourly Rates

Although we have carefully considered what’s likely to be involved in managing your project there may be occasions outside our control that require additional work that could not have been anticipated. Our wide experience in foreseeing these things has meant that of the hundreds of jobs we have handled we have only needed to charge for additional time in less than 2% of cases. All additional hourly rate charges will be discussed with the client prior to providing the service and invoicing.   SCM Projects hourly rate are as follows:


Project Manager                              $180.00 + GST

Project Administration                    $ 125.00 + GST



Project Review And Strategic Advice

Here’s a further word about this item. It is this advice that many of our clients have found to be the best value. As we said earlier the value of this advice is often realised early in the project. That is not for a moment to suggest that our knowledge and skill do not provide value and savings all the way through a project but those times that it does are not always seen by our clients. The things they do notice are actions that result in gaining extra concessions or cost savings or higher yields or all of these such as some of these case studies. Imagine the potential extra profitability if we were able to get you an extra lot in your subdivision or additional unit in your town house or home unit project. Maybe an additional floor would make those top floor apartments a lot more valuable – who knows what benefits we can ultimately bring to your project but we know from experience that they are likely offset a substantial part, if not all, of our fees. We have many happy clients such as these who will attest to that. Finally, the figure that we indicate for this item is purely a nominal amount; we are not seeking to capture all the extra value we may bring to your project – that’s for you to enjoy!