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SCM Projects to the rescue x two

Rob Swinton | Adamson St., Wooloowin |

Townhouse Project Rescued Twice

I was referred to SCM back in the middle of 2013 for my Adamson street, Wooloowin Townhouse project in Brisbane but, despite making some tentative enquiries of them early in the piece, I was keen to accomplish my project by myself and potentially save a few dollars along the way. Well that was the plan anyway – I thought that my experience in senior management roles would equip me satisfactorily to handle the tasks involved. So, I pressed ahead thinking “this can’t be all that hard, surely”!?

Rescue No 1

I managed to organise my own DA after a lot of mucking around but getting past that to the next stage proved a lot more difficult and time consuming than I imagined. Time flew by and before I knew it 2015 had arrived and all I had to show was some “estimated” project costs around the $1.1M mark which was not feasible. At that point, I gave up my project management aspirations and appointed SCM Projects and what a difference that made! Their methodical approach and knowledge came to the fore immediately. They tweaked a few things, gained some efficiency’s and presented me with a builder’s contract for just over $820,000 – a staggering saving of almost $300,000. That certainly changed its feasibility!

Rescue No 2

The job went smoothly enough and was almost complete when the builder went bust. Ownership of the business, a business that had traded successfully for many years, had changed hands during the currency of my job. Not to worry – SCM took charge and competently finalised things satisfactorily with little inconvenience to myself. The savings SCM generated for me covered the cost of their services many times over and I would happily use them again. My only regret is not bringing them on board earlier.

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