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Some of the things you'll learn

  • The top 3 things to look at to see if it's possible to subdivide
  • What about costs? Subdivision costs explained
  • 11 steps to take to see if your project is feasible ....and more!

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"SCM Assure"

If you need a degree of professional assurance whether or not your property is likely to be able to be subdivided this specialist report is for you

It will give you some peace of mind and help you to avoid making an expensive mistake

Just $550 (incl GST) 

Much More Extensive

Quite often a property's zoning does not give the full picture - in truth it can sometimes result in false assumptions.

We'll take the time to consider you stated preferences against the likely outcome based on our professional knowledge & experience

Other Town Plan Issues

Aside from zoning there are a variety of other issues that can have a bearing on your ability to subdivide.

We look at things such as flooding, biodiversity, character restrictions, drainage, overland flow to name a few.

Physical Considerations

Don't forget that when you subdivide a property each new lot needs to be able to access basic services.

We check the availability of those to ascertain if it is both physically possible or if there are roadblocks, if & how you may be able to overcome them

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