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Our "One Stop Shop" subdivision system will take you all the way from getting Development Approval [DA] to new Land Titles

Customers Love Our Subdivision Service - Here's Why

Cost Savings

We've subdivided hundreds of properties. We know the 'whole process', not just one part, so we know how to save you money. The savings we uncover often pay for or exceed our fee.

Fast Approvals

Managing the Subdivision process in one place saves you both the time and confusion that comes with dealing 8 or 9 different Consultants & Contractors, not forgetting the mistakes that sometimes leads to.


This is not D.I.Y. - We do it all on your behalf in a transparent lineal process that avoids errors and costly mistakes. So sit back, relax for an armchair ride & peace of mind

D.F.Y. = Done For You.

thank you and your team Jacon for all your work on Geebung subdivision project.  You made a process that began as daunting and confusing into an easy and stress free one.  It was a relief to know that the work was being performed by a professional Project Manager with the correct knowledge of the industry and that my time and money wasn’t being wasted by unnecessary activities".  - Paula Harwood - Copperfield St Geebung

We Provide a Complete & Compliant 'End to End' Subdivision Service

We manage the whole subdivision process from initial design, getting your initial Council Approval (your DA), getting your secondary Operational Works [OPW DA, carrying out the Civil Works and the OPW such as sewer extensions, water supply, access roads, provision of electricity, telephone services, driveway extensions, storm water management, just to name a few - and remember all these things need compliant design and formal approval before commencement, through to getting your Final Council Approval and then getting your Plan of Subdivision Sealed so that it is able to be lodged into the Land Titles Office. We even manage the mortgage release too if you have one.

Rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands

Increasingly the Subdivision process has become more and more complex as local Councils become more demanding.

Fail to do something correctly along the way and your Subdivision Plan will not be sealed [i.e. it won't get the final Council Approval) and you won't get your new separate titles. Subdivision of land is a process that requires management by a specialist who understands the overall picture.

Get it right the first time - why would you risk that?

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Still Not Sure?  -  We offer both "free" & "paid for" solutions

If you are not sure & have some doubts or questions about your property or one that you are considering buying

our SCM "ASSURE" paid service will help - OR - our  FREE SUBDIVISION GUIDE will answer a lot of questions you probably have

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Here's What Some of Our Clients Think

“We were struggling with a Town Planner to make headway in sub-dividing our residential lot. We needed to create an easement and replace services to our existing house within that easement, and the statutory and practical requirements of achieving the outcome were not always easily understood.

We contacted SCM who both simplified and managed the process for us, from calling tenders for the various works, and managing construction though to registering the titles. They took most of the pain away, ”got it done” and we are very happy with the outcome. Good work.”

Geoffrey Clarke– Ashgrove, Brisbane

“I first used SCM Projects services a few years back on a 5 lot subdivision. Using them to Project Manage it saved me approx $250,00 in costs & a year in time -  - so I've been using them ever since.”

Rick Keel

CEO at Keelcorp

It doesn't matter if your project is 2 lots or 20 lots we can help you

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Did You Know That You are fully protected ?

Unlike many, we are fully licenced by QBCC and also carry full professional liability cover related to  Project Management, so you are doubly protected.

Also, If for any reason, you don't like our services at any stage throughout the process, you can pull out, no questions asked, and, what's more we break our fees down into portions that coincide with each project stage to suit your cash flow and budgeting  so there's no surprises.