Major Renovation?

Do you want to


  • Extend, Renovate, Re Model or Reconfigure?

  • Lift, slide or re-stump your home?

  • Add a 2nd storey or build in underneath?

Any one of these renovations tasks can and often does involve a lot of your hard earned money but it does not necessarily stop there. They also require skills and competency levels often lacking in many organisations competing for that money.

Have you given any thought to the structural integrity of your existing building or what types of planning permissions may be required to complete your renovations project legally?

Why Choose Us?

We are a little different to most companies operating in the renovations space.

Firstly we have skills and experience garnered right across all types of residential property [some commercial ones too].

Secondly, yes, we do have a full builder’s licence but we don’t operate as your builder – we act as your ‘project manager’ and that is how we can save you money.

Cost Savings:

The bigger the renovations project the larger the savings are likely to be. And frankly, to be honest, if your project is only a little one, it may be difficult to present you with a saving but, never the less, you will still have an armchair, stress free, ride just like all our clients. What price ‘Peace of Mind’?

Let us explain how this works. Builders usually use a variety of subcontractors, rarely having these specialty contractors on staff. They add a margin, often say 20%, on top of the actual cost of these subbies. Now that’s okay for some of the everyday trades but if your renovation project involves a pool, substantial landscaping or a house slide or full re-stump to give you some examples these items can easily come in at $20,000 or more each on some jobs. If you’re paying a 20% load on these sorts of things the additional cost quickly adds up. This also applies to other things like kitchen appliances, light fittings, tiles and carpets to name a few more.

How do we differ?

We act on your behalf for a set fee and it’s quite common for the savings we generate to exceed our fee leaving more money in your pocket to pay for your renovations. But that’s not all. By using our services you also get a competent, experienced, licensed and fully insured team representing your interests, dealing with all those day to day decisions that will probably just cause you stress. And be warned, renovations can be very stressful.

To help you further, we break our fees down to fit with the various stages of your job that not only helps you budget more effectively but allows you to sack us if you are dissatisfied or simply change your mind part way through – no arguments. Our fees vary from job to job depending on what needs to be done.

“Jacon has an authority of calm that means that the inevitable issues that occur during a project are identified and resolved quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss.” 

“Jacon is a very experienced and committed project manager and the way he maximises the best use of his consultancy team not only makes him a true professional but a dream to work with.”

Jim & Gil Binning – Paddington

Renovations like this require experience – They’re not cheap – so avoid wasting your money

Save Money

We work closely with our clients to understand both your needs and ‘wants’ to develop custom outcomes, ensuring each project is professionally managed, on-time and within budget ensuring minimum renovation costs. We focus on design that works, delivering thoughtful, cost-effective solutions.

We save our client’s money on all sorts of projects, some of which you can read about here

Our team will work with you every step of the renovating process, from initial consultation discussing your requirements, through design, to detailed planning, product and appliance selection, managing contractors coordinating all facets of the job and on to final completion, ensuring compliance with the various codes and all the paperwork is correct along the way.

Common types of Renovations:

  • Bathrooms replaced or re-modelled
  • Kitchens replaced or re-vitalised
  • House slides – move your house to a different position within your lot
  • Brand new extensions for any building
  • Complete renovations and internal re-configurations and alterations
  • Installation of pergolas, BBQ areas or a decked pool
  • Traditional and contemporary style decks and deck restoration
  • Major earthworks and new landscaping
  • New carports, garages and Granny Flats

Have you got a Renovation Project you’d like to discuss?

Just give us a call on 07 / 33697779 or complete this form & we’ll do a little research before calling you back.

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