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The cost of engaging a professional property development project manager can be recouped many times over with the savings that can be generated.

Pr​operty Development Project Management

What exactly is it?

From Concept to Completion

The Property Development Project Manager takes charge of the project at hand acting for and on behalf of the project’s owner.

The Property Development Project Manager is the one who pulls all aspects of a property development project together to make it happen. He gathers a team of appropriate building industry professionals around him that are suited to the task at hand. He is the team leader or coordinator who ensures, among many other things, that the correct project sequencing occurs –

The Property Development Project Manager puts the ‘O’ into ‘TeamwOrk’ where ‘O’ stands for ‘Optimise’ – ‘Organisation’ – ‘On Time’ – ‘On Budget’.

At SCM Projects we pull all aspects of a property development project together to make it happen. That’s why we often use the phrase ” from Concept to Completion

This includes original designs to suit the land, the market, &/or your requirements tempered with the requirements of the zoning & building codes through to submissions to Council & all other legislative bodies to get all the approvals needed to build it. Once underway the construction is supervised to ensure compliance and the ability to gain new titles - something here at SCM Projects we also organise, and the Body Corporate too if one is required.

You ask - - "Why use a project manager?" - - The real question is "why not?"

Control Costs

Avoid cost blowouts and variations. What we’re talking about here is how we bring your project in at a lower cost than it would otherwise have cost you going it alone.

Feasible DA's

So often we see sites that come with a 'DA' up for sale. Frequently the conditions of the DA render the project unfeasible or unworkable because of issues that could have been solved at the outset - if only.

Peace of Mind

property development can be very stressful, especially if you are not precisely sure of what you are doing & it can become very expensive if mistakes are made - it can even bankrupt you!

Optimize your Property’s Potential:

Property Development involves much more than drafting a few lines on a page. It is a process that involves much more than just simply engaging specialists like a surveyor or town planner too. Increasingly this process has become more and more complex with more hurdles to jump over, hoops to jump through and boxes that need to be ticked. It is a process that requires management by a specialist who understands the overall picture, not just one particular part of it, and one who knows how to extract the best yield from your site at a feasible cost.

There are many ‘Specialists’ required in Property Development who are specifically trained in their field and, whilst they may be experts in that field, and necessary to the success of the project, almost always their ‘whole of project’ knowledge is limited, in which case, appointing them to manage your project is potentially very risky. These are people such as Builders, Civil contractors, Surveyors, Town Planners, Designers, Engineers etc.

To fulfill this role adequately the Project Manager needs to be a ‘Generalist’ - some have likened the role to that of a Movie Director

a ''whole of project'' approach is crucial

Think About It

Put simply, a finished Property Development Project is the sum of the assembled components specified in the DA, the OPW DA, the various design documents and approved plans and other documentation such as engineering drawings, hydraulics, specifications and the building contract itself. If you have ever heard the term “The Devil is in the Detail” you will begin to understand. It is the detail in these documents OR the lack thereof that often leads to mistakes, delays, a blowout of costs & loss of control of the project itself - sometimes even disputes and expensive litigation.


The potential to save money by using Property Development Project Management should not be under estimated!

“We’ll save you money” is a well worn phrase used my many organisations which often turns out to be either a hollow promise or one where the savings are of little value.

One of the savings we generate is "Project Time" - just a month or two of Project Time saved can equate to very substantial cost savings.

We’re not just talking about that here though, we’re talking about real savings achieved through avoiding design inefficiencies, whether it be a building designa length of sewer, a subdivision layout, earthworks, retaining walls etc etc – the list goes on.....

“The job went smoothly enough and was almost complete when the builder went bust. Ownership of the company, a business that had traded successfully for many years, had changed hands during the currency of my job. Not to worry – SCM took charge and competently finalised things satisfactorily with little inconvenience to myself. The savings SCM generated for me covered the cost of their services many times over and I would happily use them again. My only regret is not bringing them on board earlier. "

Rob Swinton

Adamson St Wooloowin

And another thing......

Did you know that Project Managers in Queensland are required by law to be licensed?

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    Unlike many, we are fully licenced and insured  by Q.B.C.C. This means that you have access to the QBCC if ever things did go wrong. It seems that lots of people, both inside and outside the property development industry, are operating unlicensed. Problems that occur in such projects are not covered. If you manage a project you are required to be licenced - it's the law!
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    We also carry both Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance to provide peace of mind and protection to our clients.

Save Money & Control Costs

Avoid Disputes & Expensive Mistakes

Save Time & Reduce Stress

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