New Brisbane Townhouses – Albert Street Woolloongabba

Our client for this smart pair of Brisbane Townhouses within spitting distance from the famous ‘Gabba’ cricket ground was Ryan Moloney, a busy young Mining Engineer whose work commitments frequently kept him out of Brisbane and thus would make it difficult for him to keep an eagle eye on his pet project. Whilst Ryan had dabbled in property investment previously this was the first project of this type and he wanted to ensure that it went well and didn’t suffer from his lack of experience or inability to be present when needed so he came to us, and, judging by the glowing testimonial he provided he was happy with the outcome.

brisbane townhouses
Generous Court Yards

Ryan bought an existing home and we gained a DA to build these 2 townhouses behind it and subdivide off the existing home to a separate title. Along the way we did discuss with Ryan some more economical ways of achieving much the same result but he was keen to stamp his individual tastes on the project and make it something that he’d be proud to call home despite it being developed as a rental investment. Looking at the various photo’s we’re sure that lots of people will be very pleased to call it home.

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