New Townhouse Project – Northgate Brisbane

Our Hong Kong based owner came to us here at Subdivision & Construction Management [SCM Projects] with this mixed townhouse & renovation project having already gained a Development Approval [DA] from Brisbane City Council. Yes, he now had a DA but there were a few big issues that had not been satisfactorily or fully addressed, including a legal point of discharge for storm water if he was to gain a subdivision approval to create a separate lot for the existing character house, which had to remain as well as be shifted within the property. He struggled on for more than a year after the DA was granted trying to get quotes and organise things himself but couldn’t get the costings to stack up.

After making some necessary changes we were able to tidy up the design, get the project re-priced and quoted to the point that it now was feasible, though unfortunately, of course valuable time was lost while this was being done which could have been avoided.

This is a great example of why it makes sense to appoint a competent Project Manager [who is well versed in this type of project] at the outset. Getting a DA is only a part of the solution – it’s really a matter of being able to foresee all the issues that can and will crop up with a project like this and tailoring the development application to suit so that when the decision notice [DA] spits out of Council all bases are covered and you have a DA that works and is ready to implement. This is where Subdivision & Construction Management comes in. Our service starts at the DA stage and ends with organising your new titles and Body Corporate in projects like this one.

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