Subdivide and Build

Some years back when one of our other clients became aware that we were engaged to subdivide & build a 3 storey home next to the existing traditional Queenslander on this 391 m2 corner property in Red Hill Brisbane they expressed surprise. The reason he was surprised is because he had once previously contracted to buy the site conditional on completing their ‘due diligence’ as he wanted to put a 2nd house on the site and gain 2 titles.

When he drove past the site and saw construction of a second dwelling was well advanced he was totally dismayed at having missed the opportunity as the advice from his previous consultant had been that it was not possible, hence he dropped the contract.

Of course the current owners are delighted that he did and delighted that they were able to take up the opportunity on offer – and of course we are delighted to have been able to assist all the way through the project.