Another example of how to get your project managed for free

When a tank is not a tank

Soon after being appointed to handle this home unit project which already had approvals in place we were able to implement changes to the approvals that saved our clients many thousands of dollars. Just one of the changes we implemented related to storm water storage tanks that had been specified and formed part of the DA. We were able to successfully argue the case that the specified tanks which were only available from Europe were ‘over engineered’ and were designed for an entirely different usage purpose and could be replaced with less expensive locally made tanks designed specifically for purpose. The tanks that had been specified related to the ecological storage and dissipation of oils. This saving alone amounted to some $62,000 which exceeded our fees by a substantial margin. It is amazing how often we come across issues such as this where mistakes have been made or things have been wrongly specified, usually at a cost penalty. The mistakes are not always this great, though sometimes they are greater – never the less, in our books, a dollar saved is a dollar made. This is another case of our client obtaining our services ‘virtually free of charge‘ due to the savings we were able to implement.