This job located west of Brisbane in Ipswich looked to be relatively straight forward at first – a simple side by side subdivision with ample frontage, sewer in place and a nice level block but the local council thought otherwise. They approached the owner to pay them an unrealistically high sum of money in lieu of doing operational works required in the DA. The owner tried to ascertain if they intended to use the funds to do the works & negotiate the sum as it was clearly over the top & above¬†budgeted costing’s¬†but failed on both counts, so decided to proceed and perform the works themselves (against our advice) on the basis that both lots would be more valuable & marketable with the works completed.

Council were not happy with that decision and let it be known by being difficult at every turn, and we mean every turn. Council engineers have substantial discretionary power to wield and often do if you get on the wrong side.

Our owner did come out in front but it was a painful process. This project was in Ipswich which has enjoyed above average growth since 2001 and looks likely to continue to do so, being a major part of the State Governments plans for population expansion in the SE corner of the State.

There has been a lot of speculation at different times over the years about Ipswich emulating Parramatta west of Sydney – we’ve considered it – read our story here