We completed this home in May 2024 for our lady client who immigrated to our shores from afar. She bought the property from a gent who had grown tired of the demands of the grand ole lady that had once graced its boundaries but had since fallen into disrepair and was uninhabitable.

What did the project involve?

Essentially the project involved the removal of an old Queenslander home from the 1222m2 site and splitting it into two vacant lots ready to build on. One lot was retained by the owner to build a home on for herself and the other sold. We managed the process from identifying the opportunity, arranging the sale and removal of the older home, splitting the lot, designing the new home for our client, selecting an appropriate builder and managing the build through to “turn key” completion. From settlement of the original sale to completion of both homes took 15 months.

It’s a facinating story¬† – you can read more about it here