Logan City Townhouses

129 Barbaralla Drive Springwood – 11 x 3 Bedroom Townhouses –

There’s not much more that we can say about this new Logan City Townhouses project than what the Wollongong based developer says here in his own words – – – –

Dear Jacon, Adrian and Sophie.

I cannot begin to express the gratitude that I have for stumbling across this little firm from Red Hill QLD called SCM and having the privilege of working alongside them. The whole team has been amazing (including Tracie, Matt and Demi) in supporting me throughout this amazing journey.

Just like every project it had experienced its normal turbulence’s, the constant ups and downs in business but ultimately achieving an awesome victory!  I can’t really say that I even felt much of the turbulence as you always had the answers and the right advise to offer.

I always think of boxing when I hear the word team. It’s never about the individual and his personal triumphs but more about the collective (the team) as it requires multiple people with multiple skills contributing together to achieve the pinnacle. That pinnacle can only be achieved as a team and I honestly couldn’t have done it without you all.

I truly look forward to our next journey.

Kind Regards 

Milos Bolic

We completed this Townhouse project in June 2019, handing it over as a full “Turn Key” ready to move in proposition and yes, the project did have some ups and downs like the usual argumentative neighbours but they mostly came about via external forces outside our control such as financiers which were heavily influenced by the goings on at the Banking Royal Commission that had started.

After completion we also finalised the Plan Sealing process and Body Corporate set-up in readiness for 11 new titles.

If you have a Townhouse, Home Unit or Subdivision project in Logan City or anywhere else around Brisbane please get in touch – we’re here to help  – [By the way – some of the pics were taken on the day of the handover – featuring a very proud Milos – that’s him in the black ski parka – it was his first big project. The other two bods are Adrian & Jacon [with cap]

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