Kedron Project Rescued

This project involved building 2×2 storey town houses behind an older character home in Kedron on Brisbane’s north side  was undertaken by a Gold Coast based investor who had used an out of town design firm – Sunshine Coast –  to organise designs and DA. He had also appointed another out of town person (Gold Coast based) to move things along but with little success. By the time we were appointed things were well behind schedule and the costing’s and quotes that he did have were incomplete and way out of the ball park in so far as feasibility was concerned. He was headed for disaster.

After studying the DA & approved plans we recommended a re-design of the townhouses, something that required a substantial leap of faith from our client considering his experience to date. Never the less he agreed and once approved we got things underway.

Well after completion of the town houses our client approached us to discuss the problem he was having selling the original home at the front of the property. After studying the local market prices it was decided not to go overboard with the renovations otherwise there was a risk of over capitalising. There was also a benefit to be had in improving the appearance of the house which was a bit of a draw back on the new town houses even though they were being retained for letting. Hence it was agreed to give it a quick basic renovation to expedite it’s sale. The renovation proved to be a success in not only resulting in a successful sale but returning $1:40 for every dollar spent.

Happy Client: Now we have a very happy client who is currently in the process of instructing us with his fourth project

PHOTO’S: when undertaking projects we take lots & lots of photo’s as a record of progress and means of going back over things if ever there was a contentious point that needs verification or checking. What’s shown below is less than 10% of the photo’s we take for a project of this nature.

NB: Good design does cost money but bad design can cost even more – we’ve proven this time and again. Read our story, The tale of two houses that quantifies just how much this can add up to.