Mother & Son Carve Up Old Family Home

Having owned this property for many years our client came to us knowing that her property had some development potential but unsure of exactly what potential it had or how to go about optimising it. After investigating it and the value of surrounding properties we agreed that a simple demolish, divide & build  solution would be best in this case as the old home was sitting across 2 existing lots.

This meant that it was a splitter!

Rough project numbers are as follows: Approximate value at start = $675k. Total approx. project cost = $686k. On completion approx. value = $1.56+M.¬† Notional gain = $200k+, but she’s not selling – why would she! In her own words “……..they helped (us) put together the idea in (our) imagination of building 2 houses on our particular block and it has gone spectacularly …..the process was very slick and quick…….from whoa to go (we) really didn’t have to worry too much; it was great!

Andrew & Judy Batianoff – Graceville