Fisher St East Brisbane – Subdivision & New Build

When this client approached us he already had a DA in place. It involved subdividing a lot off the rear of the traditional home that fronted the street behind, on which it was proposed to build a new home.

Problems arose because of the way his previous consultants had gone about getting the DA to subdivide. This is a prime example of why it is wise to engage us at the DA stage due to our broad knowledge of construction, the building codes and the different types of development possible.

He sought us out because he’d come to realise that the project wasn’t worth proceeding with at the costings and prices he’d been quoted. We were able to identify problems both with the house design as well as the subdivision that required modifications to both the DA and importantly the subdivision design and the design of the proposed house itself.

This involved a leap of faith from our client because these sorts of changes cost money  – in this case a little over $34,000  inclusive of our fees, BCC fees, the Town Planner, a Civil Engineer, an acoustic report and public notification – and the new processes we proposed were also going to take time.

About those Dollars & Cents – Was it worth it?

So, the question is ‘was it worth it?’ Savings achieved just in respect to the new house’s construction costs amounted to some $80,000 over the previous costings so simple maths tells the story – our client was net $46,000 in front on the build costs alone and had the headache of managing his own project removed into the bargain!

Our client deserved a medal for the faith he placed in us and he was rewarded for doing so!