Devoy Street, Ashgrove

Many people will have seen this project just next to Coles Supermarket in central Ashgrove. Our client, a prominent real estate industry personality initially felt that his industry knowledge and experience would enable him to manage the project himself, however soon realised it may be better to bring some specialised knowledge and experience on board.

In his words…….

“I believe you went above and beyond what I expected in both the approval stage and the construction phase. You not only saved me valuable time but also saved me a considerable amount of money on the council fees and charges by simply knowing the right way to go about the process. …”

J.Midgley, Devoy St., Ashgrove

This character home required some refurbishment and, whilst offering a development opportunity, had to be retained under local planning laws. The new townhouses at the rear were required to reflect a modern interpretation of the architecture of the period that the front home represented without being a slave to it. The home was subdivided off onto it’s own title separate from the new townhouses.

Wholly managed by Jacon Parry.

If you’re looking around to buy a site to do a project like this we recommend that you put a ‘due diligence’ clause in your purchase contract and get us to prepare a Property Development Report” before proceeding with the purchase