Cole Street Alderley – New Terrace Houses

This project located in the Brisbane suburb of Alderley, caught up in the middle of the GFC  was a great success in a difficult market. The property was a corner site with an existing home which was to be subdivided off.

The existing home was re-sold quickly after subdivision without renovation & both new town houses sold quickly soon after completion in excess of budgeted prices. In fact one of the sales fell through but it very quickly re-sold at a higher price. These prices were considered records at the time & were substantially due to clever design and planning [ each terrace had a full torrens title] to optimally position the project in the market place. Wholly managed from concept to completion by Jacon Parry of Subdivision & Construction Management.

To achieve success like this a key ingredient is a full understanding of being able to envisage the end project and understand what’s involved all the way through as well as designing for the market. Yes, good design does cost money but bad design ends up costing more. How much more? By changing things around for one of our clients we saved hime around $250,000 – read about it here