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Subdivision Potential?  Who Knows?  - - - We Do

The Problem:

We see a lot of people jumping into potential projects & making decisions without being fully informed. Quite often this can lead to having to pay for things that weren't expected leaving them exposed to higher costs than planned, usually accompanied by lengthy delays, leading to even more costs & a heap of stress & anguish.

Occasionally this can be catastrophic, leading to plans being abandoned - usually after it's too late to turn back or retrieve spent funds which can and often does run into thousands of dollars. 

The Solution

Banish the stress - relax - Invest a small amount up front in gaining some professional assurance that your proposed property development project has some real prospects of success - "SCM Assure" - Life is a lot more enjoyable without those sorts of headaches.

Timely Professional Assistance When You Need It Most

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If you need a degree of professional assurance whether or not your property is able to be subdivided or developed as you hope, this is for you!!

It will give you some peace of mind and help you avoid making an expensive mistake

Just $550 [incl GST]

SCM Projects Property Advice

It's More Than Just Zoning

Quite often a property's zoning does not give the full picture - in truth it can sometimes result in false assumptions.

We'll take the time to consider your stated preferences against the likely outcome based on our professional knowledge & experience

Other Town Plan Issues

Aside from zoning there are a variety of other issues that can have a bearing on your ability to subdivide or develop.

We look at things such as flooding, biodiversity, character restrictions, drainage, overland flow to name a few that may affect your ability to subdivide or develop.

property development mistakes

Physical Considerations

Don't forget that when you subdivide a property each new lot needs to be able to access basic services.

We check the availability of those to ascertain if it is both physically possible or if there are roadblocks, & how or even if you may be able to overcome them, because doing that can sometimes be more expensive than you thought.

"SCM Assure"

In compiling "SCM Assure" advice we look at the subject property with a view to further development or subdivision. We consider details such as 

  • Site area, frontage & topography  
  • Improvements - especially proximity of improvements to existing or proposed boundaries
  • Town planning issues - zoning, overlays & constraints e.g. Noise, flood, biodiversity, bushfire, 
  • Infrastructure such as sewer, water, storm water, and electricity
  • We offer our professional opinion whether further development, or your preference is likely to gain approval or not
  • We may be able to offer a considered alternative development recommendation

Please note:

  • Here at SCM Projects we do not issue Development Approvals - only the Council can do that - We offer advice as to a likely outcome of your preferences based on our professional knowledge & experience.
  • The cost of "SCM Assure" is payable in advance
  • "SCM Assure" includes both written & verbal advice
  • "SCM Assure" is not to be confused with a feasibility study & does not include detailed project cost analysis

Yes Please - I need "SCM Assure"

The cost of the SCM Assure advice is $550 [AUD incl g.s.t]

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