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This is one of the most common questions we get asked. If you have asked yourself this question then this article will very likely help you answer it. It's quite simple really. There are only 3 things you need to know about your block to get started -It's size or area, the frontage to the road and it's zoning. From there we list 7 things that your block "Must Have" to be likely to qualify for Subdivision - tick these 7 off and you're in for a good showing. Access

After that 1st question there is usually several more that crop up. Here we answer 5 of the most common ones. Could your question be one of them?


Yes - most definitely there is and knowing about it will likely save you lots of money in most cases over $30,000. We explain what to look for Access

The question of likely costs is usually pretty close to the top of most potential subdivider's mind. Subdiivisions are not cheap but frequently are worthwhile doing just the same. So rather than being transfixed with the overall cost, it's very useful to know when they need to be paid. Cash flow planning is key. Here we break down those costs into the 6 different cost centres to help you do that. Access

Minimum lot sizes vary from one zone to another and one Council to another - here we list those for Brisbane and some adjacent LGA's. Access

Yes, believe it! - Subdividing a property can be separated into 9 distinct stages - know the process. Access

Project Management

This is a question we are often asked. Here we explain in words and with the help of a line diagram just what a Project manager does - more

Aside from the advantages we also list 5 quick tips on hiring a PM -  - whether it's us or someone else - more

It is not widely known or understood by many in building services and support industries here in Queensland that Project Managers are required by law to hold the appropriate QBCC  licences. This includes other building services professionals, not just PMs. Explore how these risks can affect you and your project, especially if you are relying on Insurance cover or using an SMSF to develop. You might be surprised to learn just what constitutes Project management in the eyes of the law - more

Property Development

We run the numbers step by step - eleven of them to help you decide if your project is feasible - more

exploring 6 components of feasibility studies - more

here we identify 7 issues we often come across that cause projects to falter and that you should be giving close attention to if you want to succeed in Property Development. - more


If substantial alterations or even the possibility of an extension, or house raise to build under are envisaged then a little careful thought and time spent considering the issues will pay dividends in spades later. Renovations can be a lot more expensive than many people realise so some careful planning before you engage a professional is a sensible thing to do because it’s your home and your family after all who will be living there. Jumping in too quickly may be a mistake - a mistake we have seen and continue to see many people make - more


We call these "the dirty dozen". We see a lot of renovation mistakes made by enthusiastic homeowners that often lead to tears, lost money and frustration. Sometimes it even leads to broken relationships. - more

Other Things Worth Knowing

Every Property development involves a process, and that process includes several key milestones along the way that need to be ticked off correctly if the next stage of the project is to be a success. As the project proceeds these milestones become more critical. Why? Because the further along the path you go the more money you have invested and if that money is borrowed the more it is costing you. Plan Sealing is the final stage whether it be a subdivision or town house / home unit project - more

 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Building a Home [but need to]. When it comes time to signing most building contracts, and they are not easy for the lay person to fully understand, many people make a mistake. They are frequently confused as to what is included and especially what is not included. here we uncover 6 common omissions and exclusions to help you ascertain your true building costs. These lessons can also apply to getting quotes for other projects too. More

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Building a Home [but need to]

Zones are only one of a wide variety of different criteria that Councils use to assess DA’s –in this article we only deal with one criteria – Zoning and Overlays - more

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After struggling [literally for several years] with all the necessary paperwork required to finalise my project, get plans sealed and separate titles etc etc I was recommended to SCM Projects. What a pleasure that turned out to be. They solved all the issues, were very professional, easy to communicate with and I would gladly recommend them to anyone contemplating a property development.

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