Subdivision-Minimum Lot Sizes

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As stressed in part 3 of this series, each different zoning is likely to have different minimum lot size requirements for subdivision. Here in part 4 we take a look at some different requirements of different Councils [LGA’s]. Be aware that these can change over time as do zonings, so just because a property nearby to the one you are considering appears to have been subdivided it’s not necessarily an iron clad indication that yours can be.

Minimum Lot Size – Brisbane City Council

subdivision minimum lot sizes

What is a small lot? [Brisbane]

A small lot is either:

  • a lot with an area less than 450 square metres
  • a rear lot with an area less than 600 square metres, excluding the access way.


  • Low density residential – often referred to as “Res A”
  • Low-medium density = LMR
  • CR1 zone = Character Housing
  • CR2 zone = Infill Housing – still character – just smaller lots permitted
  • Rural Residential cannot be subdivided at all if outside the urban Footprint or Rural Living Area as shown on the State Government Mapping

*Subdividing around Centre zones

In response to community feedback, the Brisbane City Plan permits smaller lots in the Low density residential zone to potentially occur within 200 metres walking distance of a Centre zone that is greater than 2000 square metres. Such lots are also subject to meeting specific requirements such as slope, frontage and shape. This gives people more opportunities to subdivide into smaller than usual sizes in some areas of the city.

Minimum Lot Sizes – Logan City Council:

Minimum Lot Sizes  – Moreton Bay Regional Council

When is subdivision not supported?

The planning scheme does not support the subdivision of land in the following zones, precincts and local plans:

  • Limited development zone
  • Emerging community zone – Interim precinct
  • Emerging community zone – Transition precinct (creating developable lots)
  • Caboolture West local plan where no Neighbourhood development plan is approved by Council and included in the Local plan
  • Redcliffe Kippa-Ring Local Plan Interim residential precinct

Where a property is already at the minimum lot size or density, the further subdivision of the property may not be supported.

If your property is identified on the Coastal hazard or Flood hazard overlay maps and located within the erosion prone area or a high or medium risk area, additional requirements will apply which may restrict the ability to subdivide the property. Use My property look up to find out if your property is identified on these overlay maps.

Influence of the South East Queensland Regional Plan

The South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 (SEQ Regional Plan) is the Queensland Government’s broad land use plan to manage growth and protect the region’s lifestyle and environment. The SEQ Regional Plan allocates all land into one of three regional land use categories: Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area, Urban Footprint or Rural Living Area.

Regional Landscape and Rural Production Areas have environmental, conservation, rural production and other non-urban values. The SEQ Regional Plan protects these lands from encroachment by inappropriate development, particularly urban and rural residential development. Most land in the Regional Landscape and Rural Production Areas is included in the Rural zone in the MBRC Planning Scheme.

Any proposal to subdivide land in the Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area into lots less than 100 hectares is prohibited unless the allotment is affected by a road severance. There are some exemptions for boundary re-alignments and lot amalgamations.


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