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This is No1 in a series – all about subdividing property:

Here at SCM Projects we are constantly being bombarded with questions about subdivisions. In this series over coming weeks we’ll attempt to answer most of them, so make sure that you follow us.

A Brief History

We have been doing land subdivisions for clients in and around Brisbane since 2005 and because many of those clients then wanted to build on those subdivided blocks, in 2012, we expanded into offering Project Management of buildings too, mostly for Town Houses, Home Units and stand alone homes. You can see a live Google map for most of these which since 2012 are fast approaching 500 in number.

We’ve long promoted ourselves as being a “One Stop Shop” offering a “Concept to Completion” service for those that want that extra assurance and peace of mind.

Subdivision Topics:

These are what we will be covering in coming weeks:

click this map to see some of our past projects
  • The subdivision process / stages
  • Minimum lot sizes
  • Zoning & Overlays
  • Subdivision costs
  • Constraints to subdivision
  • Some tax implications
  • Q&A – if you have questions please enter them in the comments below

Are Subdivisions Simple?

Good question. They can be, especially to people with our experience but that’s not always the case. In fact, things that were once simple have become much more complex. You may not realise it but a simple 1 into 2 subdivision [also called an ROL] can involve 20 to 50 people, sometimes more, from town planners, surveyors, engineers, civil contractors, Local Council, real estate agents – the list goes on. Much of these require management and co-ordination which is where we come in, but it’s more than that. Because we know what we’re doing no-one puls the wool over our eyes as we see from time to time with unsuspecting would subdividers.

When we say from concept to completion we really mean it. We will sort things out before you go to Council for approvals and take them all the way through to getting your new titles and everything else in between. including gaining Operational Works approvals, overseeing those works, organising plans to be sealed, dealing with the titles office and your mortgagee too if you have one. If you are already part way through we can pick things up where you left off.

Subdivision Stages

We have identified 8 stages of a typical subdivision – The first of your subdivision stages and one that is frequently not given its full due consideration is design.

  1. Preliminary Investigation and Design: One of the keys to success is careful planning & Design.This stage is more important than a lot of people think. Prior to lodging an application with Council to subdivide your property, known as a development application or “DA” careful examination of your property [and your idea’s] needs to be undertaken to ascertain the likelihood of success in gaining Council Approval, ‘approximate costs‘, potential pitfalls and any other issues that should be addressed prior to lodgement. Remember that accurate costs will not be known until all Council Approval conditions are known and the actual works required have been designed, quantified and quoted.This initial examination will determine if your proposal complies with the “code” – that is the Town Plan. If it does your application will be ‘code assessable’. If it does not it is ‘impact assessable’ meaning it has somewhat less of a chance of succeeding and will be subject to a longer and more expensive scrutiny process by Council. Even if your proposal is code assessable there is still no guarantee of success due to a variety of factors, some physical, which we can discuss.

    Next Time – the other 7 stages

    Here at SCM Projects it’s your choice – we can help you with ALL subdivision stages or just a few or even just one – it’s up to you – however we strongly recommend getting us involved early on – the sooner the better – as sometimes mistakes made early in the process are not always easily remedied later or can lead to unnecessary additional costs.

Do you need help now?

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