Big Concerns over Brisbane Town Plan Changes

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Brisbane Town Plan Changes Again!

If you are considering buying a property in Brisbane in 2021 you would be wise to check and see if there are any town planning amendments proposed for it.

Considering that a whole new Town Plan was introduced in July 2014 after many years of planning and public discussion these proposed changes are causing much concern to the owners of properties likely to be affected. Town Plans usually have a life of some 12 – 15 years, so changes this early have caught many unaware and unprepared.

It is important that you are aware of these changes as they may enhance or limit the development potential of your property. The ones that we have identified so far in the Coorparoo & Districts draft neighbourhood plan definitely fall into the latter category i.e. they limit the development potential of the lots involved.

Hundreds of properties currently zoned LMR, i.e. Low Medium Rise that enables home unit and townhouse development or small lot subdivision, are set to be re-zoned to CR i.e. Character Residential.

Suburbs affected include Greenslopes, Holland Park, Camp Hill and of course Coorparoo. The proposed plan can be accessed here 

Within the Brisbane Town Plan there are many sub plans called “Neighbourhood Plans” and these are what is changing. Usually, when people consider what they can or can’t do with their property, they usually only refer to the main town plan which provides  the basics. Frequently the neighbourhood plan mirrors that taking into account more localised issues and concerns. The widespread changes B.C.C. is proposing all around Brisbane, some of which are outlined below, means that property buyers and owners need to be more vigilant than ever in doing their due diligence.

Brisbane City Council is not likely to give you a call to say “By the way, we’re re-zoning your property”  – it’s you that needs to stay abreast of these changes. They do announce public meetings from time to time but if you are an absent owner you will probably remain unaware of these changes. If you go the the Council Website here you can explore potential changes to a property you own or are considering buying

If you own a property that is likely to be affected detrimentally in any of these areas we suggest that you move sooner rather than later to organise approvals to preserve your properties value. Give us a call if you need some help on 07 / 33697779   OR   click here to fill in this form

Note – please check the Council website for up to date information

Brisbane Southside

Coorparoo and Districts

Status: Undergoing further public consultation now after some was conducted last year

Planned adoption: Mid-late 2018 – June a possibility

Kangaroo Point

Status:  Council reviewing submissions now which will potentially drive changes to the Neighbourhood Plan.

Planned adoption:  Early 2019

Dutton Park-Fairfield

Status:  Undergoing final State Government review after public consultation was conducted last year apparently.

Planned adoption:  any day now – A number of zoning changes are proposed.

Brisbane Northside

Spring Hill                                                                                            

Status:  Undergoing final State Government review before being adopted

Planned adoption:  any day now – 1st half of 2018

Newstead North

Status:  Undergoing final State Government review following consultation last year – 2017.

Planned adoption:  any day now – 1st half of 2018

The plan seeks to make zoning changes to protect character houses and heritage places among other things.

Banyo – Northgate

Status:  Draft Plan still being prepared, with public consultation proposed now – mid 2018.

Planned adoption: Mid-late 2018


The Gap

Status:  Plan being prepared following community feedback on the draft strategy released in October 2017.

Planned adoption:  Late 2018

Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron

Status:  Undergoing final State government review following consultation last year – 2017.

Planned adoption:  soon-mid 2018

This plan sets out preferred lot sizes and dwelling densities within precincts within the plan.

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