Advantages of Hiring a Project Manager

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A project manager is a professional who oversees the whole project from beginning to end whether construction or subdivision. They deal with planning, design, conception and completion – making sure that the entire process runs smoothly. If you think about it it makes sense that you should spend  time planning a project  – maybe even as much as you do actually completing the work, so attention to detail, organisation and communication are key skills a good project manager will possess.

Project managing is all about organisation, getting all the background information and looking at every area of the work.  A project manager/contract administrator will have to deal with health and safety issues, administration, time scales, dealing with contractors and checking the work that has been done.

Project Managers are sometimes compared to Movie Directors

Hiring a project manager will contribute to the success of any kind of construction work. Whether you are renovating, building, adding an extension or making other improvements to a property, they can avoid costly mistakes during your home improvements.

There are several distinct benefits you will gain by using SCM Projects to manage your project which are listed and explained here

Here are a few more reasons why hiring a project manager will work to your full advantage.

A project manager understands contracts, the hiring of architects and contractors, the building process, how to manage a construction schedule and how to manage costs and the project budget.They understood what is needed to be kept in the project, what could be cut, and what could be modified.. A project manager is your agent and advocate throughout the building process.

You may end up with mediocre and unprofessional  work if you try to do it yourself. Some people may think that they can cut back on costs by managing a project themselves. However, this could lead to you actually spending more money on the project if things go wrong.

If you’re thinking about managing a project yourself – be extremely wary. Best advice for most people is DON’T.  Project managers often deal with adjudications and very often much of the work in need of rectifications are cases when people have either tried to do the job themselves or hired someone inappropriate to do it and it has all gone wrong.  You could easily lose thousands of dollars because of poor management.  Without the help of a fully qualified and experienced project manager you could end up with spiralling costs, legal problems and shoddy workmanship. So why take the chance?

A project manager is a professionally qualified person, like an architect, and have years experience in the building industry. They are well experienced and well insured, so that if any mistakes happen, they are covered.

Project managing is not something that can be taught; it comes from years of practise and experience in the construction industry. Professional project managers have learned from their experience and are fully insured to deal with any problems that do arise.

Project management is a concept that enables managers to guide a project from point “A” to point “B” in a way that saves you time, effort and in the long run costs.

Maintaining an orderly smooth progression is just one part of it
Maintaining an orderly smooth progression is just one part of it

5 Quick Tips On Hiring A Project Manager:

1. Get a person that understands your job and outcome, ask them questions about past projects or what they would do in certain circumstances.

2. Make sure all the insurances are in place

3. Call some of their past clients and check on their references

4. Be involved at the beggining to ensure all things are happening the way you want and check in for reports.

5. Be clear on the outcome you want to achieve with the project.

hiring a project manager