Golf Pro vs Project Manager

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What do they have in common?
If you thought that it was a good strike off the 1st tee or a hole in one on the 9th you would be wrong, especially in the case of Jacon Parry!
What will it be – a sand wedge or a sandwich?

When you watch Golf pros perform the perfect swing it looks relatively easy until you try it. You immediately realize that there has been a lot that’s gone into making it look easy and effortless, but it’s not easy to do without the right knowledge or experience and many many hours of practice and competition to get to the point where you qualify as a Professional Golfer. You develop over time a form of mindset or internal ‘Code’ of practice.

You see there is a Success formula in every successful endeavour. These highest performing golfers know it and live it religiously over a number of years. It’s only this Code and practice that allows them to get to the top of their game. Everyone else ‘wants’ to achieve success and make millions travelling the world, out in the sun having fun – but it’s all a fantasy without inside access to this ‘Code’.

If you get it wrong you can sometimes blame someone else – [but you will likely be the one who pays
Similarly, when it comes to Project Management, there is a ‘Code’, a blend of knowledge, experience and practice that can only be gained over many years. One of the distinguishing aspects that set Jacon apart from his cohort in the building consultant industry is that his knowledge and experience has its roots in doing his own projects as well as successfully managing literally hundreds of projects for others. Most people, whether specialist building industry consultants or every day property investors are ill equipped (not to mention licensed) to undertake project management but attempt it anyway – somewhat like the weekend golf ‘hacker’ attempting to compete at professional level.

Invariably these project ‘hackers’ get it wrong, and almost always costing themselves or their clients’ money, like the self-managed project that came across our desk recently where the apartments had been built several hundred millimetres below the site’s sewer connection. The solution would be very expensive – we estimate at least $50,000 and lead to months of costly delays.

So - - What's the secret?? Easy - just choose the right club of course
So – – What’s the secret?? Easy – just choose the right club of course

Yes, Jacon does play golf, but not at the professional level. He is able to provide a professional project management service however and will likely save you money into the bargain. Perhaps he’ll even join you for a celebratory toast in the 19th hole at your project’s end 🙂

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