Does Design Make a Difference?

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Case study  – Keperra Brisbane
What a silly question you might say and of course you would be right! It can make a huge difference in all sorts of ways. Some are quite obvious whilst others not so much. And don’t just assume that we are talking about building design here because we are not. There is a lot of design work that most people do not see or really comprehend.

Just ask Justin O’Rourke who is in the process of finalising a small subdivision project in Keperra, a north western Brisbane suburb. His sealed plan was lodged into the Titles office for registration last week.
This was not Justin’s first attempt at property development and it won’t be his last having achieved a successful outcome. He did have an earlier experience that hadn’t gone at all smoothly so this time he approached us to manage it for him. In this discussion we’re not talking about the obvious design issues of the ‘above ground’ built environment but what lies beneath. Sounds a bit sinister doesn’t it – but it need not be.
Justin had already purchased a house with an existing DA for an ROL of 1 into 2 lots when he approached us last year. He had factored into his project feasibility the Council fees and contributions as outlined in the existing DA and had made estimates for other works as you would expect.

Simple Subdivision?

This was not quite the ‘simple subdivision’ that Justin had thought it to be. Having read through the DA we were horrified to see that Council fees and contributions exceeded $54,000 and further that some of the conditions relating to sewer and overland flow were quite onerous. After some debate and lapse of time our client reluctantly accepted our advice to go for a new DA altogether which naturally attracted additional consultant’s fees and a Council application fee totalling almost $3,500 however we had already worked out some more efficient designs that would save at least that much with a much larger saving on Council fees being our larger target. The net result? The new DA was approved with those previous conditions removed and new Council contributions of only $28,000.
If you were ask Justin if Design made a Difference I’m sure that he would agree – a difference of some $22,500 + extra in his pocket.