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Stories of Property Development Projects

In these pages are stories and advice about property development projects from simple subdivisions and house builds to more adventurous multi unit projects, including case studies, most of which were were successful, though occasionally not so.

Stories about Property Development Projects are inevitably about People. Different people have different ideas about what they want out of a property and how they go about achieving it which is not always the right way  – sometimes ‘hope’ had been substituted for good planning.

Quite often we are called in to manage a project after it had been started – we don’t always get our hands on it at the beginning unfortunately which is frequently a pity as we often see things how they might have been done – – ‘if only’ – – so in these stories of Property Development Projects you may also pick up some tips on what not to do if you want to get a feasible outcome.



“Brisbane’s Turn to Boom” – Analyst
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With the end of the fiscal year upon us, considering the large amount of bad press relating to the property market in recent times there were two encouraging news releases from reliable sources this past week. Angie Zigomanis, long time … Read More

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Property Related Observations: There was little significant negative change in this years budget directly relating to property with one exception. Fears that this year’s Federal Budget would include changes to negative gearing or capital gains tax changes on property sales have … Read More

Big Concerns over Brisbane Town Plan Changes
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BREAKING NEWS!!! Brisbane Town Plan Changes Again! Considering that a whole new Town Plan was introduced in July 2014 after many years of planning and public discussion these proposed changes are causing much concern to the owners of properties likely … Read More

Is my project Feasible?
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How to tell if your project is feasible So, you want to be a property developer to make some extra money? Everybody seems to be doing that – it’s the favourite topic of conversation at the dinner party table. You’ve … Read More

Koala Research Centre
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How Much Can A Koala Bear? Here at SCM Projects we are very pleased and proud to tell you all that we were appointed late last year to Project Manage the new Koala Research Centre at the famous Lone Pine … Read More

“Dual Keys” and “Granny Flats” – Councils are changing the Rules!
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The Times are A Changing – – – – -Again It was only a few years back [ since 2013] when most of the Councils in South East Queensland [SEQ] started to reform many of the rules around what are … Read More

GST Retention – Big Changes Are Coming
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Warning: Big changes are being introduced by the Federal Government in the way that they collect GST on “New Residential Premises” & “New Residential Subdivisions” which will very likely affect some of our clients. In an effort to combat a … Read More

7 Reasons why property developments don’t see daylight
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Some Property Developments are Stillborn – Here are 7 deadly sins some property developers commit that ensure their project doesn’t get out of the ground By Adrian Stagg All Property Developments involve risk, but it is the Developers that correctly identify … Read More

Doughnuts and Building Quotes – What do they have in common?
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Building Costs quoted in many contracts are unrealistic – here’s why I was just a young, wide eyed, impressionable kid when doughnuts were first introduced to Australia. My father took me to this specialty restaurant in George street Sydney called … Read More

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