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Here at Subdivision & Construction Management – that’s SCM Projects – we are confident that we can assist you to achieve a successful outcome to your project. We offer ‘strategic solution driven property advice’. We make our money through getting things done properly!

So, to get things started for you please tell us what you want to do by completing this form. To help you we need full accurate information.

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Bearing in mind that we handle all types of property related projects, the property advice we offer will be tailored to your specific project.

This is why we ask for the type of project that you want to do and the address of the property to enable our research about the property’s specific attributes, zoning, size etc..

If your inquiry relates to subdivision or property development, especially if it’s a “can I do this” type inquiry, as a part of our process, we can do an initial strategic investigation of your property checking such things as zoning, constraints, overlays, and some physical attributes such as land area, dimensions, improvements, services available and their location, e.g. sewer, water etc. This is the vital first step in assessing if what you want to do is possible, because, unlike some, we do not want you to waste your money pursuing something that has little chance of success.

We offer you the following guarantees

  • we will, as far as is possible, provide you with useful, valuable and relevant information
  • we will not crowd your inbox with loads of emails
  • we will not share your information with others outside our immediate professional circle [and only then if specific further specialist advice is required]


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