Subdivision Made Simple!

Do you want to

  • Know if you can subdivide & if so, the approximate cost?

  • Get your Subdivision approved quickly?

  • Get a DA from Council with favourable conditions? 

  • Get all the Civil & Operational Works done professionally & cost effectively?

  •  Get your new Titles quickly without costly hassles and delays?

Then Read On – we offer all this and more!      We’re a ‘one stop shop’

Why Use SCM Projects?

Subdivision of Land is not so simple these days
Subdividing Land is not so simple anymore

Subdivision and Construction Management  (SCM Projects) are experts in the subdivision of property. We manage the whole subdivision process from initial design, getting your initial Council Approval (your DA), getting your secondary OPW DA, carrying out the Civil Works and the Operational Works such as sewer extensions, water supply, access roads, provision of electricity, telephone services, driveway extensions, storm water management to getting your final Council approval and getting your plan of Subdivision sealed and ready to be lodged into the Land Titles Office.

If you’re at the beginning of this process and you’re wondering if you may be able to subdivide at all we have a free publication –  the “7 Must Haves to get Subdivision Approval” that explains this in much more detail (see below).

Increasingly the Subdivision process has become more and more complex as local Councils become more demanding. Fail to do something correctly along the way and your Subdivision Plan will not be sealed (meaning it won’t get the final Council Approval) and you won’t get your new separate titles. Subdivision of land is a process that requires management by a specialist who understands the overall picture.

Big or Small – Steep or Level – It doesn’t matter!

Subdivision made Simple
We Make Subdivisions Simple for You

Here at SCM Projects we can handle your subdivision no matter how large or even if it’s small. In particular we are experts in small lot subdivisions, infill projects, difficult steep sloping blocks, blocks that require building a new road, removal of buildings or partial demolition and the like because, not only do we have the knowledge and experience relating to the subdivision requirements, we also have the knowledge and skills relating to the building requirements that these difficult sites almost always involve. Things like retaining walls, demolition, building removal, access gradients, excavation, compaction ratio’s are things that require knowledge that span several specialist consultants.

Getting Council Approval at the beginning for your Subdivision is just the start; there are many other approvals that need to be gained along the way, not just from the Council, and issues that require compliance – miss any of them and you will be in deep water that will cost you money in delays and possible reparation.

On completion we will even lodge your survey plan at the titles office if you’d like us to. We’ll take your subdivision from Survey to Sealed Plan!

This is not DIY – it’s DFY – Done For You – we do it all!

Consider us your ‘one stop shop’. We will get it done on time and on budget. We take it from ‘concept to completion’  but if you’ve already made a start we can pick things up part way through too

If you would like to be a part of our community  and receive occasional relevant information about subdividing and developing property AS WELL AS an instant free copy of our guide – “The 7 ‘Must Haves’ to get Subdivision Approval” just complete this form. If you own a property or are contemplating buying one that you want to subdivide grab this guide to get a very clear picture as to whether or not you are likely to qualify for subdivisional approval.

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