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Property Development Project Management –

Why use SCM Projects?

Put very simply, we adopt a “whole of project” approach. We do everything that’s needed to turn a conceptual idea for a Property Development project into a completed project. We are highly experienced at Property Development Project Management with lots and lots of completed projects [click here to see a list]

We pull all aspects of a property development project together to make it happen.That’s why we often use the phrase ” from Concept to Completion“. Property Development Project Management (PM) is so much more than simply Construction Management (CM), but, if that’s all you need, we can just handle that for you too!

Advantages and Benefits

The 8 main ‘Benefits’ of SCM’s Property Development Project Management

  1. Optimise your property’s potential – Fundamentally important but frequently overlooked
  2. Control Costs – Avoid Cost Blowouts & Variations
  3. Save Money – believe it! – it’s no hollow promise
  4. Avoid Expensive Mistakes – ‘peace of mind’
  5. Save Time -both ‘project time’ and ‘personal time’
  6. Reduce Stress – property development can be very stressful
  7. Remoteness from site – things tend to go wrong if you’re absent – regular expert inspections
  8. We are Fully licenced and Insured by QBCC – You are fully protected!
Property Development Project Management pulls your project together correctly

We ensure that your project comes together correctly

By using us you will achieve those benefits summarised above and more fully explained below. If you have plans or idea’s we will take them through the Council Approval process, get your DA, then turn it into a finished project for you, organise all your certifications along the way and get your new Titles at the end. Now that is full ‘Turn Key’!


You can access our ‘Free Guide’ below – it sets out the main pitfalls and ‘so called’ hidden costs that property developers face and how to avoid them

The Property Development Process

Remember that a “property development” is a process – a sequence of steps example follows:

  • Aquisition – buying the property – {read how this chap would have saved $25,000 if he engaged us to do this}
  • Initial Concepts,designs and various reports
  • Gaining Council Approval – lodge for DA
  • Negotiations with Council to finesse the DA
  • Post Development Approval – Technical & Engineering designs to satisfy the myriad of development codes
  • Operational and Civil Works submission and approvals
  • More developed building designs & drawings – getting a building approval (BA)
  • Preparation of specifications and tender documentation – letting of tenders
  • Selection and organisation of Civil and Building contractors
  • Construction works
  • Supervision of Civil & Operational Works and Building works
  • Compliance & certifications – submissions for plan sealing
  • Organising Certification for occupancy & Body Corporate if needed.
  • Submission for new titles.

Now, it’s true that not every project involves all of these stages and some projects involve even more – we don’t buy the land for you or pay your bills – but we will also help you to assess the land prior to you making a final commitment – and we do everything else in the list  – it’s that simple. We remove the day-to-day stress associated with the development and delivery of property development and construction projects freeing you up to do other things such as further acquisition or sales and marketing.

Some claim the pitfalls and many costs are “hidden” – we uncover them for you – click here – or enter your details below

Optimise your Property’s Potential:

Property Development involves much more than drafting a few lines on a plan. It is a process that involves much more than just specialists like a surveyor or town planner too. Increasingly this process has become more and more complex with more hurdles to jump over, hoops to jump through and boxes that need to be ticked. It is a process that requires management by a specialist who understands the overall picture, not just one particular part of it and who knows how to extract the best yield from your site at a feasible cost.             Click here to see a Townhouse example  OR here to see a subdivision example

On Controlling Costs:

Put simply, a finished Property Development Project is the sum of the assembled components specified in the various design documents and plans and other documentation such as specifications and the building contract itself. If you have ever heard the term “The Devil is in the Detail” you will begin to understand. It is the detail in these documents OR the lack thereof that often leads to a loss of control of costs. Our knowledge and experience in these areas help avoid this.

On Saving Money:

The potential to save money by using Property Development Project Management should not be under estimated!

“We’ll save you money” is a well worn phrase used my many organisations which often turns out to be either a hollow promise or one where the savings are of inconsequential value.

save money with Property Development Project Management
Keeping more $$$’s in your own wallet

True, it can be argued that saving you time is also akin to saving you money and there’s a lot of truth in that, especially if you are a highly paid professional who’s time is particularly valuable or somebody who simply does not have enough hours left in the day to do their project justice. We’re not just talking about that here though, we’re talking about real savings achieved through avoiding design inefficiencies, whether it be a building design, a length of sewer, a subdivision layout, earthworks, retaining walls etc etc – the list goes on and we are talking ‘project time’. Just a month or two of Project Time saved can equate to very substantial cost savings.

What we’re talking about here is how we bring your project in at a lower cost than it would otherwise have cost you. [if that doesn’t interest you nothing will]

We can, and usually do, come up with cost savings at every stage of a project from conception, through design, through reviewing DA conditions and implementing them and then setting up the building or civil quotes and contracts and making sure that the job proceeds as planned within the set budget.

More often than not those savings exceed our fees – -such as in this case where the savings generated exceeded our fees by almost $200,000

On Avoiding Mistakes

Our strength is not only in knowing what’s involved in the different projects, but just as importantly, knowing who is needed to to do what and when. This also involves knowing the policies and processes of the various Councils that can affect the outcome in different ways.skilled property development project managment will straighten the path to a sucessful project

Due to our years of experience in Property Development Project Management we have in-depth knowledge of the correct project sequencing, knowing exactly when each step has to be taken so we can plan ahead. So often we see projects getting bogged down at various stages through lack of knowledge , incorrect or incomplete advice or inadequate documentation to name just a few reasons. This often leads to costly disputes, expensive variations and general dissatisfaction resulting in less profit or sometimes a loss.

Sometimes these projects are stalled before they even get off the ground. It’s not uncommon for us to be appointed to a project part way through which supposedly was not feasible, and then find ways to re-organise things, strip out costs and sometimes save several hundred thousand dollars – savings which exceed our fees many times over.

The pathway to successful property development has many twists and turns with danger at every corner for the unwary. Don’t run your project over a cliff.


On Saving Time

This comes down to 2 things

1. Saving Project Time

2. Saving your personal time


With Project Time” there are again two cost variables – actual costs and opportunity costs. Let’s say you have a $1.5 million project and you have $1.0 M borrowed at 7% and let’s say it is delayed by three months. That will cost you $17,500 in interest alone, forgetting about other costs you will likely incur such as Council rates, not to mention the extra frustration experienced. As for opportunity cost i.e. lost opportunities due to delays –  if you can get your projects completed more quickly it stands to reason that you can do more projects and therefore make more profit over any given period – and you will likely enjoy the experience more.Property development project management frees up your time, allows you to relax

“Personal time” is pretty much self explanatory – for how much do you value your own time?  – or perhaps your time is better spent on other aspects of the property development such as marketing & sales.

If you are a highly paid professional it’s very likely  that your time is valuable and your spare time is perhaps even more valuable and there’s probably very little available so really it comes down to you prioritising – say no more.

We’ll take care of business while you relax…

We are Fully licenced and Insured by QBCC

This means that you have access to the QBCC if ever things did go wrong and we carry both Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance to provide peace of mind and protection to our clients. Did you know that Project managers in Queensland are required by law to be licensed? It seems that lots of people, both inside and outside the property development industry, don’t realise this and are operating unlicensed. Problems that occur in such projects are not covered. Your property development project will be safe with us.

If you’d just like the ‘Free Guide’ – “Avoiding Property Development Pitfalls” complete the first part of the form only – it’s yours with our compliments. If you have a project you’d like to discuss without obligation just complete the rest of it

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