We examine things carefully
We examine things carefully

Plan Sealing – We at SCM know how 

The final stage of every Development Application is Plan Sealing by the Council. That means the actual signing off and physical sealing by Council of the survey plan, whether it be a land subdivision or a building units plan. It is the final stage of formal Council Approval.

You will not get your new titles without a ‘sealed plan’! To get your plan sealed you need to be able to demonstrate that you have complied with your DA – your original Council Approval, in every respect. Without new titles you will not be able to settle any sales that you may have made and are relying on to obtain cash flow from sales.

For that reason this is a very important part of the property development process and one that we frequently see little thought given to during the earlier stages of the project. It’s often left until the last minute and consequently leads to delays and extra costs.

Successful plan sealing relies on things being done correctly from the outset - don't start to think about it at job's end
Successful plan sealing relies on things being done correctly from the outset – don’t start to think about it at job’s end


During this phase, the relevant Council will want to ensure that all the conditions on the approved Decision Notice are met and complied with. If all conditions have been complied with, the Council will verify this by endorsing the  survey plan with the Council Seal and signature of the authorised Council officer and hence will issue a Compliance Assessment Certificate.

To assist the Council with the plan sealing stage Subdivision + Construction Management will prepare the documentation for you. We will produce an ‘Assessment Report’ addressing all Development Approval Conditions and collate all the required certificates. Then we will lodge it along with the plan into Council.

Once we have lodged your plan for sealing with the Council, we stay in frequent contact with the relevant Council departments to ensure that the plan is being sealed as fast as possible. Where required we will meet with the Council Engineer on site to discuss any issues that may need addressing.

If you have a project you are working on, at any stage of the development but are daunted by the task of lodging for plan sealing, please contact us for an obligation free discussion about your project. We can assist you with this phase as well as any of the other stages of a project.