Are You……..

  • Looking for a Quality Custom Built Home – something unique?

  • Sick of Dealing with Project Builders?

  • Seeking a Fixed Price Contract?

  • Building on a Difficult or Steep Sloping Site?

  • Too Busy to Handle all the Decisions that will be Needed to make your project a success?

  • Concerned about Cost Overruns or Designs that will Break Your Budget?

  • Renovating? Click here – but before you go some of this applies to you too!

custom built home - home builder brisbane
This Auchenflower home was built on a narrow steep site

If you want a uniquely designed Custom Built Home and one or more of these questions rings true to you then you should talk with us. Our approach is different to your typical Project Builder or Suburban Home Builder. But, in truth, it’s more than just these things that people engage us for. It’s gaining Peace of Mind in having the problems and issues that can and do crop up, professionally dealt with to deliver a stress free outcome of the home that you really want at the right price.

As licensed builders and licensed building supervisors we project manage the whole building process on your behalf. We act as your expert and are independent of the builder.

In consultation with you, we organise the whole process from initial concepts, design, engineering, permits, contract documentation, project costings and cash flow. We also organise full management of the construction process itself, ensuring its built correctly.

If your project also involves Subdivision we have particular expertise in that area as well. We also do substantial renovation projects.

Why not take advantage of ourcost free’ and ‘no obligation’ consultation?

By using our services you will have piece of mind and be treating yourself to an ‘Armchair Ride’ through the whole building process. While many of our satisfied clients live interstate or overseas – most of our clients live right here in Brisbane and engage us simply for the piece of mind that it gives them.

A Custom Built Home - home builder brisbane
Project home? – Not this one!

What about Building Costs?

Time and again we have proven that following our method costs no more than dealing with the largest Project Builders. The bonus to you is that you are getting our services virtually for free. In fact there have been many instances where we have been able to show clients substantial savings that exceeded our fees. There are others where we able to show clients how to avoid future potential costly headaches.Two other benefits [among many others] we provide are


  1. Ensuring that the build is completed correctly in a timely manner.
  2. Fixed Price building contracts.

Every project has several stages. The earlier that you involve us the greater the likelihood is that we can save you money with your Custom Home building project. Regardless of this we are happy to be involved with your project if it’s at a more advanced stage.

Custom Built Homes - Home builder Brisbane
These two homes in Graceville were built after ‘splitting’ the lot into 2 titles

Our Fees

We normally charge our fees on a ‘fixed fee’ basis, not on a percentage of Project Cost or on hours spent. We have found that clients much prefer this approach so that they know ‘up front’ what we charge. It provides certainty and assists with budgeting and obtaining finance if needed. Unlike some consultants, there’s no benefit to us in allowing cost over-runs.

Our focus is on managing your project to achieve your desired outcome – not counting the time we spent on it.

What’s more, we break our fees down for each stage of the job so it is easy for you to micro manage your budget for each stage. Furthermore, in our terms of engagement, we clearly state that you can terminate our services at any stage of the job for any reason without penalty. Therefore should you change your mind, or if market conditions or personal circumstances change that rendered your project unviable or you felt our performance was below par you can break the contract at that point without fear. It has never been easier to get a truly unique Custom Built Home!

Finally, as each job is different our fees will be different. We will provide you with an individual quote for our fees at the outset which details the full scope of works that will be undertaken for your job. That way you’re not guessing what’s included and what’s not. Should you then have further questions we’ll be only too happy to answer them.

We Build All Sorts of Homes

Admittedly many of the Custom Built homes we tend to build would be considered “high end”. However we handle many other types of building projects too!

We can assist you to build a duplex, a dual occupancy, a home with granny flat or a small lot house. Infill projects that often require special planning permissions and are frequently located on difficult building sites are our specialty. So whether your lot is steep, an irregular shape, has a poor soil report or you want to build on stumps or prefer a slab, call us. We thrive on solving problems.

If you are looking for a Custom Built Home we invite you to try us out.   We know that our proven systems enable us to be very competitive – in fact usually cheaper than most so go on…….make things easy for yourself!

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