We are Residential Real Estate Development Managers

We take you ‘all the way’ from Council Approval to getting your new Titles

We do Property Development for you, our clients.

Want to do a Property Development? —-Read on

Simply put, we manage, on behalf of YOU, the owner or developer, utilising our knowledge, skills and experience, residential real estate development projects whether they be a land subdivision, building a home or a block of Home Units, Town Houses or Apartments. We can do this right from the conceptual stage through to completion. We’ll get your Council Approval and organise your new titles. If you have an idea of what you want we will turn it into approved plans and then transform them into a finished project. If you don’t have any idea we’ll be happy to give you some suggestions of what may be possible. You can see a list of some of our past and present projects here

What type of Real Estate Development do you want to do?

If your project is about
  • Multi unit residential property development  – click here
  • Land Subdivision – Know the stages and the 7 things you ‘must have’ to that allow subdivision. – click here
  • Land subdivision – How our ‘one stop shop’ makes it simple – click here
  • Building a quality ‘Custom Built’ home – click here
  • Building Town Houses or a Duplex – click here
  • Explained – the role of a Project Manager (including Construction Manager) click here
  • Why use us as a Project Manager – The Benefits – click here

These days you need more than just building industry specialists such as Surveyors, Town Planners, Engineers etc. who may be quite good at what they do [their specialty] but not necessarily good at understanding the ‘whole picture’ which is getting your project approved and completed and new titles issued as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our specialty is a ‘whole of project approach’. We are specialist Project Managers with skills and experience across Subdivision, Home Unit and Townhouse Construction, Building high quality homes, Strata Titling – we make it happen! We are managers acting solely on your behalf protecting your best interests and we are fully licenced and insured to do so.

We are frequently asked “what do you do?”. When we respond with something like ‘pretty much everything’  – people don’t seem to grasp it, however that’s the fact.

So …… the correct question is  – “What do you want to do” ?

Subdivision + Construction Management can assist you with your development at any stage, right from the beginning or after you have obtained your Council approval – a DA.   We can also assist you once your development is underway. Additionally, if you reach a point where you’re unsure as to how to progress further or it simply becomes too much for you to manage, we can come in and continue on your behalf.

Free Service:

For a limited time, if the property is here in Brisbane or adjacent Local Government Areas – our area of operation, we will check it over and provide you with a free ‘no cost’ and ‘no obligation’ consultation in relation to your stated plans or desires. To be able to do this properly we do need as much information as possible please about the property  / your project  / your plans etc., so please click the link below and tell us what it is that you want to do

Yes Please  – I am interested to receive a FREE CONSULT – –CLICK HERE

We offer you the following guarantees

  • we will, as far as is possible, provide you with useful, valuable and relevant information.
  • we will not crowd your inbox with loads of emails.
  • we will not share your information with others.
  • we will make it easy for you, if & when you wish, to stop receiving information from us.

You can tell us what you want to do – call us on 07 / 33697779 – though preferably use the  the link above that leads to a form which includes the questions we need to address to enable us to give you the best advice. Thank you.