Property Development Pitfalls and Traps

Don’t Condemn Your Project To Being Underwater Financially Before You Even Start!


  • How to avoid those hidden and unexpected costs

  • What research should you be doing?

  • The different types of costs and when they need to be paid

  • How Costs impact Cash Flow

  • Don’t be blinded by the thoughts of making lots of money – Learn what’s Truly Involved

Here at Subdivision & Construction Management we have completed literally hundreds of projects in the past 10 years ranging from Subdivisions to Townhouses, Home Units, New Homes, Renovations, new roads – you name it – so we’ve ‘been there and done that’ as some would say.

In this 5 page report we uncover those costs that are often overlooked or unexpected – some call them hidden costs – but they’re not really hidden, it’s just simply a case of knowing what to look for and where, and in this no nonsense report we lay it out for you so that you don’t jump into making rash decisions without having some understanding of what’s involved. Some costs can be delayed whilst others need to be paid up front which can seriously impact your cash flow. So, if you’re contemplating starting on a new project or even if you’ve already started, whether it’s a subdivision, multi units or something else, you should read this now – it may just save your bacon [or bank balance]

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