Subdivision Insights 5

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Subdivision Costs: The Costs of Subdivision: Subdivision costs are always on potential subdividers minds. One of the most frequent questions we are asked here at SCM, and it’s usually asked quite innocently, is this – “How much does a Subdivision … Read More

Subdivision Insights 4

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Subdivision Minimum Lot Sizes As we stressed in part 3 of this series, each different zoning is likely to have different subdivision minimum lot size requirements. Here in part 4 we take a look at some different requirements of different … Read More

Construction Costs Savings – A ‘sure fire’ way

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How To Achieve “Construction Cost Savings” Here at SCM Projects,  we have proven time and again that through utilising our time trusted methods we can bring about construction costs savings. But the biggest hurdle we face is that people tend … Read More

Project Risk – what causes failure?

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Avoiding Risk – The Importance of Licensing – by Jacon Parry [QBCC 1217287] when it comes to Project Management there is a risk that few people realise or take into account – what is it?? Risk – 3 major causes of … Read More

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