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‘Subdivision and Construction Management’ [SCM] are Brisbane’s number 1 ‘Property Development Consultants’ for small to medium and larger sized residential property developments.

SCM have a proven track record in delivering successful low to medium density residential projects in Brisbane’s middle and outer ring suburbs including single custom designed & built homes, town houses, home units and of course land subdivisions. Since inception SCM have completed more than 300 projects for clients.

We apply a ‘Solution based Strategy’ for your project based on our combined knowledge, skill and experience to make your project a success.

Why Use SCM?

SCM are one of very few Property Development Consultants where the key team members have direct experience in developing their own properties. Adrian Stagg’s property development career extends back as far as the 1980’s and includes projects such as “Hillhaven”, a 16 Townhouse project in the Brisbane suburb of Highgate Hill and “Old Mill Meadows”, a 14 lot rural residential project located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland near Montville. Likewise Jacon Parry completed an innovative Townhouse project in recent times in the Brisbane suburb of Herston as featured here..

SCM’s combined skill set enables us to manage the your project through all development phases to successful completion and identify various development possibilities and likely threats at the very earliest point of the property development process.

Meet Our Team

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Jacon Parry
Jacon Parry

Jacon Parry – Founder:
Jacon Parry is the owner of Subdivision & Construction Management and has gathered a team of experienced and qualified personnel around him that encompass formal qualifications in
•Project management
•Town Planning
•Property Development.
What sets Jacon apart from most other Project Managers is that, aside from servicing clients needs for the past 13 years, he has also had extensive experience with his own property development projects . Hence, unlike others he has first hand experience knowing ‘the whole picture’ of what it takes to successfully develop property, gathered over more than 23 years of ‘hands on’ experience. This indeed is a rare attribute amongst property consultants that very few can lay claim to as many are just fresh out of Uni.

Jacon is our man on site, keeping a watchful eye on the progress of each project. This means that Jacon clocks up a lot of kilometres every week as our managed projects span the length and breadth of greater Brisbane and beyond. Jacon not only holds the licences that you would expect of someone in his position such as a QBCC Nominee Supervisor’s licence, he also holds a full QBCC Building Contractor licence and is a qualified electrician. Not that we contract directly with clients to perform these works, we don’t, but having the knowledge and qualification enables us to act even more effectively for our client during the project management process. There is no ambiguity here – Jacon is firmly in the client’s camp. More surprising are his licences to drive heavy machinery such as a 10 ton truck, a front end loader and Queensland Government “licence to perform high risk work” such as basic scaffolding, which are indicative of Jacon’s preparedness and ability to become ‘Hands On’ if and when the occasion requires.



Key Team Members:

Adrian Stagg
Adrian Stagg


Adrian Stagg – Business Development Manager / Property Development Consultant:

Adrian acts as a consultant to SCM Projects on a part time basis to fulfil this role, commencing mid 2013, however his association with SCM dates back to 2006 when he first engaged Jacon to manage the operational works stage of several of his own property developments, as he preferred to concentrate on putting further projects together rather than be bogged down with the day to day minutiae of dealing with Councils and other public authorities that developing property does involve. He and Jacon have had a successful association since.

He is our initial point of contact for potential clients to ascertain and discuss the development potential of their property for further development such as subdivision, Home units or Townhouses. Adrian’s extensive experience right across the property industry gained over 40 years has equipped him well for the role. He’s also the one that maintains our website, writes our blog stories and is responsible for all advertising, public relations, media and marketing. See more about Adrian on LinkedIn






Sophie Boller – Project Coordinator & Project accounts Administrator:

Sophie joined us in June 2017. Sophie has a Bachelor of Regional Planning gained at the University of Queensland. Her workload includes project co-ordination and administration as well as cash flow and cost control. She administers project’s accounts making sure that all subcontractors and processes are co-ordinated and stay within cost parameters &  ‘on track’.  Ensuring that CASH does indeed flow and flows to the correct projects is an integral aspect to ensuring property development projects run smoothly. Sophie has shown a quick aptitude for this role.

Demi Bird – Project Coordinator & Project accounts Administrator:

Before joining us here at SCM Projects Demi was previously heavily involved in the local real estate scene while working for a well known Real Estate Agency. Not that she needed that as an introduction to real estate as her parents were ‘serial renovators’ ensuring that Demi got to know all about real estate and renovating from an early age being immersed [literally] in the various reno projects her parents undertook before selling up and moving on to the next one. In an earlier career, prior to real estate management, Demi was in the Event Management business which endowed her with skills similar to those required for Project Management Coordination.

Kathy Tighe – Project Coordinator

Prior to joining us here at SCM Kathy was involved in interior design with a strong focus on Kitchen and bathroom design. As many of our managed projects include kitchens and bathrooms we anticipate that here skills will be a valuable addition to our combined team’s skillset.

 Together Jacon, Sophie and Demi & Kathy have fine-tuned the procedural flow of each stage of the project and offer our clients a well rounded service.

 Georgia Acland – SCM Internal Accounts:
Aside from the key team members above we also have a further member, Georgia, who is tasked with keeping our own books and accounts, pays our bills and staff wages. Cash flow plays a crucial role in ensuring that own business runs smoothly too and stays within budgeted time lines.