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Bert Van Balen now has something extra to smile about, not that Bert goes through life without smiling, though if you heard his story he’s got many reasons to be feeling a little sad which we’ll share with you in a moment.

Pictured here with Jacon Parry, the reason that Bert is smiling is because he was the winner of our recent competition for that Gold Class Movie’s package. Bert made some very interesting and insightful comments on our Blog titled “The importance of process” to earn his prize.¬†Bert 1

Bert is an Architect & hails from Venezuela. Anyone cognisant of world affairs and politics will probably know that that part of the world has had more than it’s share of political ‘Up’s and Downs’ over the past decade or more. Looking into his crystal ball some ten years ago Bert decided to uproot his family and migrate to Australia in search of a better and more fruitful life, especially for his then young family. This meant of course starting again. Not an easy ask at Bert’s stage in life, particularly when you consider that it meant walking away from almost everything that he’d built up including a successful building & design business.

To his detriment Bert found out the hard way that international currency markets are not always what they seem and the rule of law can change depending on who’s doing the ruling and who’s being ruled, hence he’s had some truly bad experiences with exchange rates and transferring his capital to our fair shores at anything approaching real value. Never the less he has managed to buy a home & build some equity, educate his now grown children and pay the bills along the way. What’s more having sorted his way through the intricacies of international money transfers he’s on the verge of bringing out the remainder of his hard earned assets to fund small property developments here which we’ve been identifying together. So, pretty soon Bert will have more reason’s to smile and we wish him well. Bert’s open to¬†accepting Joint Venture partners if anyone out there is interested – just call Adrian here at our office.

  • Cathy Amaiu says:

    Would Bert be interested in a joint venture development project in PNG

    22 Jul 2014, cathy amaiu

  • Bert van Balen says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I will never say no to an opportunity in the first instance and I would not mind doing something in PNG, I have nothing to stop me at the moment and if it’s something that suits us all, why not?

    Please communicate with Adrian and he can make an appointment for all of us, and talk about.

    I will bring some biscuits to have with the coffee.

    23 Jul 2014, Bert