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Avoid Your Property Development Project Being Underwater Before It Starts

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Feasible ‘Results Driven’ Solutions

Here at SCM Projects we focus on feasible Property Development Solutions for you -we work solely for you to deliver your project.

  • As Brisbane’s most experienced Property Development Project Manager we know how to get your job done properly
  • To see a list of some of the projects we’ve tackled for our clients click here
  • Take advantage of our knowledge, skill and experience gained from over 25 years of ‘doing’
  • If you are concerned about costs talk to us – chances are we’ll save you a lot more than our fees [click for some case studies]
  • Consider us your ‘one stop’ property development shop.

".........using SCM to project manage the job approximately saved me around $250,000 in costs and a year in time....SCM Projects has been instrumental in the success of my projects and I would highly recommend the team to get your job done...."

Rick Keel - Keelcorp Property Developers

Key Benefits

A key subdivision step is planning

Optimise Your Property's Potential

Property Development is a process that requires management by a specialist who understands the overall picture, not just one particular part of it, and knows how to extract the best yield from your site at a feasible cost.

Avoid Disputes and Costly Mistakes

Mistakes cost money and are expensive - yes, we all know that – but what a lot of people don’t know is how to save money on a property development project. We do!

We are Fully Licenced by QBCC

This means that you have access to the QBCC if ever things did go wrong - you have Government protection. Your property development project is in safe hands with us