Stories of Property Development Projects

In these pages are stories about property development projects from simple subdivisions and house builds to more adventurous multi unit projects, including case studies, most of which were were successful, though occasionally not so.

Stories about Property Development Projects are inevitably about People. Different people have different ideas about what they want out of a property and how they go about achieving it which is not always the right way  – sometimes ‘hope’ had been substituted for good planning.

Quite often we are called in to manage a project after it had been started – we don’t always get our hands on it at the beginning unfortunately which is frequently a pity as we often see things how they might have been done – – ‘if only’ – – so in these stories of Property Development Projects you may also pick up some tips on what not to do if you want to get a feasible outcome.



The Difference We Make
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Case Study: We were recently engaged to do a job at Bennetts Rd, The Gap here in Brisbane. The property already had a DA to subdivide a lot off the side of an existing home and the client had approached … Read More

5 Financial Reasons to Buy a House
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By Adrian Stagg. Before I start this is not about now being an especially good or bad time to buy and I’m not recommending any particular place to buy over another. I’m sure that the readers of SCM’s blog don’t … Read More

Property Joint Ventures
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Property Joint Ventures – What are they & why do them? Sharing The Spoils – Something is better than nothing ! by Adrian Stagg Just because you may not have enough money to invest in a property by yourself does … Read More

Granny Flats – How Do They Rate as an Investment?
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Granny Flats have been in the news more so in the past 12 months or so than they have been for a long time. Much of this “news” relates to them being offered as an “investment” rather than housing your Granny. … Read More

Dual Living – What & Why?
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It’s worth considering if you’re just starting out by Adrian Stagg There’s a growing trend toward what’s known as as “Dual Living” or “Dual Dwelling” . These types of dwelling are proving popular with both extended families and investors and … Read More

About Bert
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Bert Van Balen now has something extra to smile about, not that Bert goes through life without smiling, though if you heard his story he’s got many reasons to be feeling a little sad which we’ll share with you in … Read More

The Importance of Process
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An absolutely integral part of having a successful project, and by successful we mean one that commences on time and is finished on time and to budget is the planning approval process. This process can and often does have an … Read More

Where to now that the election is over?
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Timing Plays a Big Part in Succesful Property Investment ‘Now’ is the time by Adrian Stagg Anyone Got A Crystal Ball? Well thankfully the election is finally over and we have a clear result. It’s likely that the Liberal national … Read More

3 Things to look for when buying land
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It’s a BIG investment – get it right Buying land is a big investment for you and your family. While you might use a real estate professional to help you find just the right piece of land, there are three … Read More

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