Stories of Property Development Projects

In these pages are stories about property development projects from simple subdivisions and house builds to more adventurous multi unit projects, including case studies, most of which were were successful, though occasionally not so.

Stories about Property Development Projects are inevitably about People. Different people have different ideas about what they want out of a property and how they go about achieving it which is not always the right way  – sometimes ‘hope’ had been substituted for good planning.

Quite often we are called in to manage a project after it had been started – we don’t always get our hands on it at the beginning unfortunately which is frequently a pity as we often see things how they might have been done – – ‘if only’ – – so in these stories of Property Development Projects you may also pick up some tips on what not to do if you want to get a feasible outcome.



Does Design Make a Difference?
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Case study  – Keperra Brisbane What a silly question you might say and of course you would be right! It can make a huge difference in all sorts of ways. Some are quite obvious whilst others not so much. And … Read More

4 Reno Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value
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Considering the high costs of buying and selling homes these days, many people are choosing to renovate their current home instead of buying a new one. People are thinking about how they can get the most value out of their living … Read More

Housing Affordability – Who Wins
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Housing Affordability – were Baby Boomers really better off? You be the judge By Adrian Stagg Not since Clem Jones, Brisbane’s Lord Mayor at the time, allowed Sunday trading for cinemas and Joh Bjelke Petersen was elected Queensland’s Premier have … Read More

Difficult Building Sites
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Home design for Difficult Sites – Odd shaped blocks. Difficult Sites where we and our team of specialists offer solutions to get the job done. In this example we worked in closely with Joh Domingo of Building Buddy whom we have shared … Read More

A Tale of Two Houses
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Why involving us at design stage makes dollars & cents. Architects and Building Designers can be a funny lot, sometimes temperamental even. But then that can be true of many talented artistic people. Take composers for example. Mozart was known … Read More

Comparing Sydney’s Parramatta to Brisbane’s Ipswich
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There was an interesting article that caught our eye recently inThe Property Observer  that posed this question. At the end of the article they featured a straw poll / survey of their readership that asked their readership the simple question … Read More

3 Essentials of Smarter Property Investment
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Simple Choices lead to Long Term Success by Adrian Stagg 1. Knowledge: There’s a well worn phrase “knowledge is power” and it applies to property investment as well as many other things in life. Of course knowledge without action is … Read More

Contract Crashed – Deposit forfeited!
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We were approached by the buyer of this home in Fig Tree Pocket, a leafy western suburb of Brisbane. He was ebullient because he believed that he’d just found the bargain of the century. He couldn’t believe his luck! He’d … Read More

Are Fixed Interest Rates Too Good to Pass Up?
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As the major banks cut their fixed interest home loan rates this week people have been asking this question. The following article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald. If you’d like to share your thoughts and comments, and I’d encourage … Read More

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