Stories of Property Development Projects

In these pages are stories about property development projects from simple subdivisions and house builds to more adventurous multi unit projects, including case studies, most of which were were successful, though occasionally not so.

Stories about Property Development Projects are inevitably about People. Different people have different ideas about what they want out of a property and how they go about achieving it which is not always the right way  – sometimes ‘hope’ had been substituted for good planning.

Quite often we are called in to manage a project after it had been started – we don’t always get our hands on it at the beginning unfortunately which is frequently a pity as we often see things how they might have been done – – ‘if only’ – – so in these stories of Property Development Projects you may also pick up some tips on what not to do if you want to get a feasible outcome.



How Councils Assess DA’s
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How do Councils assess development applications in the various zones? Here at SCM Projects we specialise in getting Council approval and developing real estate as project managers for clients and naturally enough one of the questions I am constantly asked … Read More

Dumps on Stumps – traps for the unwary
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But these horrors may be worth a fortune There have been a number of recent stories published along these lines that have attracted our attention recently some of which we will re-publish here FYI. It’s not unusual for us here … Read More

Subdividing Land – Is it that Simple?
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The basics At the risk of stating the obvious let’s start with the basics first with subdividing land. Our titling system here in Australia is very well organised in comparison to some other parts of the world. Each individual piece of … Read More

Difficult Building Sites
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Home design for Difficult Building Sites – Odd shaped blocks. Difficult Building Sites where we and our team of specialists offer solutions to get the job done. In this example we worked in closely with Joh Domingo of Building Buddy whom we … Read More

Project Management – Here’s why it may cost nothing
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Project Management Costs Money: – Fact or Fiction? It is often simply fictitious to think of professional Project Management as a cost centre So, I am quite confidently able to tell you that there are very many occasions when the … Read More

Golf Pro vs Project Manager
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What do they have in common? If you thought that it was a good strike off the 1st tee or a hole in one on the 9th you would be wrong, especially in the case of Jacon Parry! When you watch … Read More

Fact or Fiction – Project Management Costs Money?
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Project Management need not cost money When we posed this question last time in Australian Property Investment magazine we showed how using a competent Project Manager [PM] reduced project hard costs from around $1.1M to just under $850,000 on a Wooloowin … Read More

Property Joint Ventures
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Property Joint Ventures – What are they & why do them? Sharing The Spoils – Something is better than nothing ! by Adrian Stagg Just because you may not have enough money to invest in a property by yourself does … Read More

The Difference We Make
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Case Study: We were recently engaged to do a job at Bennetts Rd, The Gap here in Brisbane. The property already had a DA to subdivide a lot off the side of an existing home and the client had approached … Read More

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