Want to Develop Home Units or Town Houses?

Want to…..

  • Control Costs & Avoid Mistakes!

  • Get a fast DA that works commercially?

  • Have your Operational Works designed and Implemented to avoid unnecessary costs?

  • Have it all happen in a time efficient manner?

Multi Unit Residential development
puzzled? – We have the answers

When it comes to Multi Unit Residential Property Development in Brisbane and neighbouring Local Government Area’s we have a proven track record over many successfully completed Townhouse and Home Unit projects that you can draw confidence from. Our expertise lies in taking a project from initial concepts, getting it through Council Approvals and delivering a quality fully finished product with separate titles. Yes, that’s right, we also organise your new titles too!

We know that there are many pieces to the puzzle that you, as a property developer, need to tie up.

As experienced Multi Unit Residential Property Development managers we are very confident that we can make a valuable contribution to ensure that your project is a success. Experience matters and with some 300 projects under our belt, we have the numbers to prove it as you can see here.

Multi unit residential - from Concept to Completion
We’ll take your Concept through to Completion

We Understand !

There are a lot of facets to property development – we’ll take care of delivering the finished project while you take care of other things such as financing, marketing, sales, contracts and acquiring your next site.

We can step in right from the word go  – as soon as you identify a development site – we will run the rule over it before you commit to it. We’ll ascertain if the site is suitable for what you wish to do and what specific issues, opportunities or problems the site has.

After that we will work in with you to achieve the optimal yield for your site. Should you ‘max it out’ or perhaps a ‘less is more’ approach is more profitable? Can we get a Code DA or will it be worthwhile or necessary to seek Impact Assessment? Is RiskSmart a viable option? What about Seal Smart? These are all questions that may be running through your head that we can help provide answers for, specific to your project. Allow us to put our knowledge skill and experience to work for you.

Avoid Disputes and Costly Mistakes

multi unit residential project development
Avoid your project being underwater before you start

A well organised and properly planned project is much less likely to go off the rails. Unfortunately “Hassle Free” Building projects are becoming rarer these days. If you want to avoid costly disputes, omissions and mistakes you should talk to us. Why not take advantage of our “no obligation” and cost free initial consultation?

Concerned about Development Costs?

We’re often amused when reading articles and blogs about “Hidden Costs” & “Property Development Pitfalls”  – these costs are not hidden at all – it’s more to do with a lack of knowledge – so we’ve put together a report that explains the various cost centres that an aspiring Property Developer can expect to encounter.

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  All you need do is tell us what you want to do and we’ll help you to get there –

a multi unit residential project
Did you have in mind something like this?

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Property Development Managers

Another reason we are confident is because, although the bulk of our business is managing client’s projects, we also have direct personal experience in developing multi unit residential property developments for ourselves  – not just solely for clients – going back 29 years now. So we understand the pressures, time frames and what’s needed to bring multi unit residential projects together. Very few consultants in the building services sector can make those claims!


 a multi unit residential project in Mount Gravatt

Or this? 



a multi unit residential townhouse concept

or maybe this?