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Want to Develop Home Units or Town Houses ?

As Property Development Project Managers we can organise the whole process - from conceptual design that complies with the zoning thru to a completed building with new titles in place

If Developing Right the First Time is Important to You Read On

When it comes to developing Home Units and Town Houses in Brisbane and neighbouring Local Government Area’s we have a proven track record over many successfully completed Townhouse and Home Unit projects that you can draw confidence from.

we are experienced in handling the 'whole process' - not just a part of it.

dealing with a variety of consultants & contractors can, and often does, lead to costly mistakes

We Understand

There are a lot of facets to property development – we’ll take care of delivering the finished project while you take care of other things such as financing, marketing, sales, contracts and acquiring your next site.

We can step in right from the word go  – as soon as you identify a development site – we will run the rule over it before you commit to it. We’ll ascertain if the site is suitable for what you wish to do and what specific issues, opportunities or problems the site has.

After that we will work in with you to achieve the optimal yield for your site. Should you ‘max it out’ or perhaps a ‘less is more’approach is more profitable? Can we get a Code DA or will it be worthwhile or necessary to seek Impact Assessment? Is RiskSmart a viable option? What about Seal Smart? These are all questions that may be running through your head that we can help provide answers for, specific to your project. Allow us to put our knowledge skill and experience to work for you.

Get started with your Town House or Home Unit Development Now!

Our expertise lies in taking a project from initial concepts, getting it through Council Approvals and delivering a quality fully finished product with separate titles. Yes, that’s right, we also organise your new titles and the Body Corporate too! 

We know that there are many pieces to the puzzle that you, as a property developer, need to tie up. As experienced  Property Development Project Managers you can rely on us to get your project designed, approved, built and new titles issued.

Avoid Disputes & Costly Mistakes

A well organised and properly planned project is much less likely to go off the rails.

  • If you want to avoid costly disputes, omissions and mistakes you should talk to us.
  • Why not take advantage of our “no obligation” and cost free initial consultation?

Concerned About Development Cost?

Costs can be controlled when planned for

You may be concerned or have read articles or heard stories about “Hidden Costs” & “Property Development Pitfalls”  – these costs are not hidden at all – it’s more to do with a lack of knowledge – and we have garnered that knowledge over a wide variety of projects which will likely help save costs on your project - we do that all the time!

These customers love our services.

Here's why:

Clayfield Multi Unit Project Rescued 

"The job went smoothly enough and was almost complete when the builder went bust. Ownership of the company, a business that had traded successfully for many years, had changed hands during the currency of my job. Not to worry – SCM took charge and competently finalised things satisfactorily with little inconvenience to myself. The savings SCM generated for me covered the cost of their services many times over and I would happily use them again. My only regret is not bringing them on board earlier. Rob Swinton - Adamson St.

Jacon Parry and his team of professionals at SCM Projects Brisbane were outstanding in helping me transform my vision into a reality. They listened to what I was trying to achieve and would then provide me with a variety of solutions. The builder they chose also did a superb job.

Sandy McKeown

Riding Rd., Balmoral



Did You Know That You are fully protected ?

Unlike many, we are fully licenced by QBCC and also carry full professional liability cover related to  Project Management, so you are doubly protected.

Also, If for any reason, you don't like our services at any stage throughout the process, you can pull out, no questions asked, and, what's more we break our fees down into portions that coincide with each project stage to suit your cash flow and budgeting  so there's no surprises.


Here are some common questions about developing home units & townhouses

How many units will fit on a site?

How long does it take to get Council Approval ?

How much does it cost to build units / townhouses?