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At SCM Projects we focus on feasible Property Development Solutions for you -we work for you and know how to avoid problems. If your project is here in greater Brisbane and surrounds we can help you, just as we have already helped literally hundreds of people, as you can see here, safely navigate their way through the maze of Council and other statutory requirements using our ‘Knowledge, Skill and Experience’ and our wide network of qualified property planning, design and construction professionals gained over more than 25 years of “DOING”. We can take your project from early ‘concept’ all the way through to ‘completion’, or pick it up somewhere in between. We’ll get your Council and statutory approvals and organise your new titles on completion, So, what is it you want to do? Build a House? Subdivide Land? Strata Title old Flats? Build new Home Units or Townhouses? Or…are you looking to buy a property to do one of these? Our promise to you is – “Our return to you will always be greater than your investment in us”. Consider us your ‘one stop’ property development shop.

".........using SCM to project manage the job approximately saved me around $250,000 in costs and a year in time....SCM Projects has been instrumental in the success of my projects and I would highly recommend the team to get your job done...."

Rick Keel - Keelcorp Property Developers

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